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  1. Identification

    Very nice, I love stapeliads. Just don't get your nose too close
  2. Where there's muck there's brass?

    Just wow I could offer some for sale and also improve the offer, mine will come stuffed to the brim with dead insect husks. Couldn't compete with dead flowers though, been pulling them apart to see how succesful my pollination attempts were.
  3. Mine was a d capensis and a ping caudata (as it was known then) both were brilliant specimens as I had space and care to lavish on them. The collection grew but those stayed with me until I had to take a break for uni.
  4. untidy sarra's

    Yes one of x catesbai has pushed up a late season bud. I have compromised and whilst trimming the brown bits am also pruning off the worst of the messy pitchers.
  5. untidy sarra's

    Anyone else fighting the urge to give their sarra's an extreme haircut at the moment? being outside they've put on so much growth but are looking a bit messy now.
  6. U, longifolia

    Mine is in a bathroom windowsill with bright, diffuse light. Been there about a year and is growing like a weed but no flowers so far. It is in peat which i basically flood when watering. I think mine needs moving up to a larger pot though as it has filled this one and is spreading over the sides.
  7. My cacti collection

    I have some ritteri seedlings, over 2 years old, 3 -4 mm across Other aztekium grow quicker, ritteri is glacial in it's growth rate.
  8. Drosophyllum progress

    I have to admit I've had to top up water my ones outside. The multiple leaves unfurling is a good sign and they look nice and dewy too.
  9. Drosophyllum progress

    Is that the one I sent you? It looks healthy but maybe some more water might get it to put some size on.
  10. Alfred Nimmo

    You can't believe the gall of some people. It's probably little consolation but thank you for flagging up this name, at least others will be able to see this. Wasn't there someone else who tried scamming plants out of people for nothing a while ago?
  11. Orchid Id

    Sometime ago I was at Kew and under a few trees there was this beauty. I recognise it but cannot for the life of me place the name. Anyone know?
  12. danl82

  13. Krzysio's Nepenthes

    Beautiful plants, I love dipping into this thread. Your pictures are very clear and show the traits of the plants well. Does the maxima mini stay very mini? Or does it start to get big in time.
  14. That buzzing is a constant sound in my garden around the sarra's, hoverflies make a lot of noise but houseflies seem louder and "angrier".
  15. Flys

    I divided and potted my darlingtonia into a nice big container this year and not long after I noticed a procession of ants all over it. This was before the new growth and pitchers were up, they were going into the left over stumps of the cut off old pitchers and feeding on the left over insect carcasses. Fast forward a couple of weeks, the new pitchers were open and the ants had disappeared...