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  1. See below link for cultivar registration of EVA, it also has the registration for vogel, which is linked to it. Interesting reading, as far as I'm aware at carniflora they have many plants which are open pollinated and from the resulting seedlings they pick out those with some potential. http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cpn/Species/v43n4p135_137.html I grow both eva and purp venosa burkei (or rosea if you prefer) outside year round along with all my sarracenias. However that does include some watching of upcoming weather and strategic placement of pots.
  2. And what a terrible thing it is too. No matter who you support or vote for, parliment needs a strong opposition to hold the governing party to account, to counter their more extreme views. If the country allows the opposition parties to be effectively washed away in this election then they might aswell be writing a blank cheque for may &co to do what they like. Whilst this has arisen from that referendum, that isn't the only issue.
  3. I think a definitive list would be difficult to pin down and i don't know of anything like that tbh. Your particular microclimate, location and how you intend to grow them (pots, bog garden, raised bed, cold frame etc) all make an enormous difference. Uk natives and many usa native plants are a good bet. I would say your best bet is to read some the cp books produced by british based growers, good start is slacks books. Obviously ask what people have success with and more importantly under what conditions. Also just try some, all my sarra's survived well this winter plus other species, although this winter was milder.
  4. customs officer "whats that in the bags with a shamrock on it sir?" Sarracenia grower " err, its just booze and fags i promise!" In all seriousness, i have tried alternatives carefully and they were difficult and not very good with sarracenias to fatal with vfts and droseras. The melcourt that mike has been using definitely seems to be headed in the right direction and i will probably trial some myself at some point soon. Though not without some peat available as a back up, tried using coir for some orchids and a sarra, found it difficult and not good, will not go near it again.
  5. I have this type of moss growing in several of my sarra pots, came in with a couple of purps from pj plants. Haven't had any problems with it and i find it quite nice looking.
  6. I found some clover brand in a local independent nursery. A bit more expensive than it used to be but 400 litres is safely in my garage.
  7. My gut feeling would be to take it, its a lovely plant and I always feel that its good to let people see what is possible with time and care. It's easy to see mass produced, misidentified, tiny plants for sale in gc's and hardware stores all over the place, they're not usually impressive or even that attractive. But a specimen like that is the kind of thing to catch people's attention and make them want to try and grow some.
  8. My wife doesnt have as much enthusiasm for my plants so i have share here After what seems like a particularly miserable, damp winter, my plants are properly waking up. I dont have a greenhouse so almost everything is in the back garden all year round. Theres quite a few buds on the sarras, but even more exciting is seeing the new pitchers starting to grow. They're looking really sturdy and loads of new growth points too so fingers crossed for a good year. Only downside was a small x excellens that got botrytis on the grow point but i think i've caught in time with some surgery. Everything else looks good and that includes all species of sarracenia and plenty of hybrids. Four different clones of vft all look good and my darlingtonia is working on a bud for the first time too. Obviously hardy droseras are fine and also my binata types are growing back (two multifida forms, binata, marston dragon, dichotoma and dichotoma giant). Two different cephs also were fine out, admittedly these were protected by being amongst larger pots. If i get anything picture worthy i'll be putting them. Hope everyone else is having as good a start to their season too.
  9. Thanks, i will try to find some independent places and a major distribution centre for westlands is nearby (maybe they could help). I had 3 bales that have lasted me for about 5 years, i dont have a massive collection but during the last 2 years have been putting more effort into the hobby and really enjoying the results. But its used up my stock and i kind of missed the fact that all of a sudden the garden centres suddenly had no peat.
  10. Sadly my last bale of shamrock is running low, so i need to try and source some more moss peat. Any help as to where i might get some, I'm in cambridgeshire if anyone happens know a local garden centre.
  11. I feel so sorry for you, it sucks to build a nice collection and have them settle and grow well just to be interrupted. It happened to me when I went to uni, I could only manage to take literally a couple of plants with me.
  12. The sanicat is good stuff too but can be trickier to find, when i've been able to get it I use a bit of both. For my cacti and succulents I'm using a mix of 2:2:1 JI3, cat litter and grit. Of course these are approximate and I vary it depending on which particular plants it's being used for, some mesembs are in almost 100% litter. As an example of what my mix typically looks like I've attached an uncropped pic with a view into the pot. With the cp's its predominantly peat with some perlite, sharp sand and litter again adjusted slightly for different things and so far so good (crosses fingers). Obviously not talking about epiphytic utrics or neps! Apologies for the swerve from purely cp talk, to make up for it.....
  13. Us in the cactus growing fraternity have been using tescos kitty litter for years and it's great! I've been experimenting with it my cp mixes and it seems to be working well. Of course the grain size is on the small side so it doesn't totally replace perlite etc but rather complements it and reduces the amount of more expensive stuff you have to use.
  14. Thats awful! I feel for you, the seeds should still germinate if you managed to scoop them up. I think spread thinly over trays and kept damp is the way to go. I was cramming pots of cacti seeds into my propagators earlier this year and knocked over one, individually each pot is in a small bag with some water and it all intermingled. I strained it and put back in the pot even though the seeds were nowhere to be seen, well they've germinated fine so hopefully you'll be as lucky.
  15. That would great if you don't mind. I will pm you.