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  1. I just want to show a flava rugelii clone which has some lightly fenestration or is green veining ? This clone is pretty large. only 2 clones of this seed bud shows this coloration, the others a normal rugelii s without special markings
  2. I have made a nice new cloneöner-sarracenia-klon/
  3. I like to buy 6-10 di. Werewolf for a good price Please send me Thanks
  4. Hi The ultimate Problem is that the plant from the picture died about two years ago over the winter. I have 2 small plants at the moment, But It takes nearly 5 years or so to get a plant like the one on the picture. This clone get pitchers about 7cm . I will post pics, When I have a good sized plant.
  5. Hi all my new shop is online, to change the language please use the google translater on the left under the menu have a look
  6. Who is Charles brewer ? Does He sell his clones ?
  7. Pascal Kulms


    Hi all i now this problem ! i lost very large motherplants with about 25cm in diameter by this pest ! in about 15years i lost plants for two times, and every plants was very large. My consequenses are, repotting after 3 years and at this moment parting the plant ! Pascal
  8. I have the same problem as you Yuri ! i bought a Goldie from Paul G. , too ! and it looks like yourS ! only the first year it has some near Golden pitchers ! But yes the Plant has the biggest yellow flava flowers of all ! Thats thread is very interesting, because the origin of all Goldies, is Paul Gardner ! Pascal
  9. The dark Moorei is rather slow growing clone, which turns completly dark every year ! THANKS
  10. I had some time to take pictures and time for posting them ;) MKF88 S.flava var. ornata a classic one the S.flava var.atropurpurea blackwater river state forest S.flava var.ornata Super ornata MkF32 97cm high S.flava var.rubricorpora maroon it`s a Moorei fom John Ainsworth i think, but i don`t know the exatly name (if somebody know it please pm me) one of my new favorites a Hybrid from Michael Srba At last but not least some of my own black Moorei S. "eyes" unnamed Moorei another nice red Moorei and S. "sweety" again
  11. thanks ! I named the pics ! i will add some pics the next days Pascal
  12. Hi here are some pictures made by my mother Cornelia Kulms, if somebody is interested to buy one please pm me MKF88 S.flava var.ornata - by Cornelia Kulms the newest picture from my mother D.muscipula big mouth
  13. here we go Pink Moorei Hybrid from Michael Srba Hybrid from Srba S. excellens S. excellens x leucophylla S. Leah wilkerson my doughter Emilia and my S. Super catesbei ! My own Clon S. sweety