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  1. A 90 watt draw MarsHydro SP250, with the transformer and heat sinks outside is enough to raise the temperature of a well insulated propagator 140cm x 50 x 60 by about 20 degrees . Hope that helps
  2. My project over Christmas was building a new propagator for bringing on Sarracenia seeds. It is built with 18mm varnished plyboard, with 50mm foil backed insulation on external surfaces and under the base. Internal grow space dimensions are 54 x 140cm. Total height is 60cm to fit under greenhouse benching. Inside is lined with Hydrogarden Orca grow film, which is highly reflective but gives a white diffuse light and is a useful tough cloth like material to work with In the base is a thermostatically controlled Bio Green Sahara heat mat. Lighting is a MarsHydro SP 250 mounted into the lid of the propagator about 15 inches from the foliage. Out of the box, it provided 45000 lux @230watts, but the its wattage can be adjusted down which I have done to about 19000lux @90watts directly under the lights, to about 10,000 lux in the far corner of the propagator. It’s a white spectrum light but claims to have a good PAR rating. As its size and shape fits the unit well, the light is reasonably even within the grow space – much better than my other propagator with a smaller light where the difference between lux in the centre and corners of the unit are 5x compared with this at 2x
  3. This my favourite clone, deep red colour and full, rounded flower. It's quite a contrast to the other clone I have with strongly reflexed petals
  4. Hydrofoggers, like these: http://simplycontrol.co.uk/shop/hydrofoggers/2_44_0_274/hydrofogger_400.aspx ; https://www.hantsflytrap.com/hr50-humidifier-hydrofogger-500-p.asp I combine them with extractor fans, keeps a south facing greenhouse cool and humid.
  5. Cheers, I'm all OK now. I plan to buy a flush kit, in which case I think I need to open up the elbow and remove the inbuilt restrictor anyway Probably get a pressure gauge at the same time, if that's a good indicator of clogged up prefilters
  6. I bought, perhaps hastily given your subsequent experience but I was starting to feel a bit exposed without a backup plan, from the same vendor as you, except my unit is the 100GPD FS-401 http://www.pure-pro.com/fs401.htm The lack of instructions were a bit troubling, and the single sheet that does exist refers to a flow restrictor on the RO water outflow elbow that could be inside the unit but is not at all obvious. It also includes some unexplained components which I believe are intended for attaching to garden or kitchen taps Anyway, I did simply connect it up and it was producing 20ppm within 10 minutes. We do have very high water pressure here, though - I wondered if that was possibly a contributory factor for you?
  7. I have managed to get through 2000 litres since the last rain, I thought I was covered with that amount of storage, but apparently not I have heard that RO membranes clog if not used for a period of time. In other words, that a unit cannot simply be mothballed - once you start using it you have to keep it going (or replace the membrane before you can bring it back into use) Does that sound correct - I don't mind investing in a unit, but having to replace the membrane at the end of using it for a few weeks a year makes it quite a high cost of use solution. Dave
  8. Soaking in peat exchanges some Calcium/ Magnesium ions for H+ - in other words acts like an ion exchange resin. Whether it does enough to make a significant difference, I don't know, not having needed to try it myself See https://web.archive.org/web/20041029080941/http://hjem.get2net.dk/Best_of_the_Web/peat page.html
  9. I mix 1/4tsp in 2 litres, and pitcher feed sarracenias and nepenthes, from adults to seedlings. I've certainly not had any problems with this and I believe it is effective.
  10. The one thing I really wanted to do this year, but eldest son has first A-levels on Monday, so I'm marking papers all day, and for most of the next 3 weeks Hopefully get up there in Autumn..
  11. Mike King has done several bulk orders from him to the US. e.g. http://sarracenia.proboards.com/thread/1883/mike-king-usa-import I'm not aware anything similar has happened in reverse before now, though clearly some US clones are making their way over here somehow. If I could add one suggestion, if a means of doing this were established, it would be wonderful if the scope were extended (for a handling and shipping fee of course) to holding and forwarding plants from other US nurseries or individuals (kind of a hub), to really break down cultivation barriers
  12. That's a very beautiful greenhouse Alex, it looks like you have some great plants
  13. Closed containers in direct sun can reach high temperatures, which could damage them. Assume the water was distilled/rainwater - tap water would have been damaging Also assume the seeds were not underwater - they should be moist but not submerged Toilet paper is possibly a worry - kitchen towel gives some structure, toilet paper I would have expected to have disintegrated into a mush? Finally, did you get them from somewhere reputable? Seeds should be germinating in a few weeks, not months Hope it works out for you.