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  1. Its been getting hotter then usual where I live 105+ and my A/C on my chamber is on nearly all day and the temps are still ok but they're definitely little higher then I'm able to keep them in the cooler months, 76-77 vs 78-79 now. I've heard of using Dyna-Gro Pro-tekt silicon 0-0-3 to help with better heat tolerance. Has anyone tried this with their highland nepenthes? I'm wondering if this could give aid to those of use growing HL's in desert conditions. I've just got some in to try it out a few neps I have multiples of. Thoughts? thanks, Jess
  2. so impressive! its all the classics as they should be grown and displayed. Well done
  3. I like how tubby that lowii is, mine all seem much more truncate....
  4. that is magnificent ! I love seeing this behavior expressed captivity.
  5. Some better pics of my red flush highland truncata with the LEDs turned off. You can see all the nectar all over the pitcher, peristome and lid. Of all the types of truncata I've grown over the years this one seems to secrete the most nectar. When I recently pruned off all the dried out pitchers and leaves I picked up the pot and it was very sticky like it have dried syrup all over it.
  6. Whoa, such a great find! the nurseries around where I live barely know what a VFT is let alone sell cps. Thats quite a lucky find especially being so large and mature.
  7. Was doing my fertilizing today so I decided to take some pics as well, N. robcantleyi N. truncata "red flush highland" N. veitchii x burbidgeae I'm really into N. peltata right now but mine is in an awkward place to take pictures so these are the best I can do. My pelota is doing crazy leaf jumps right now so I'm pretty excited about it. Anyone know how big they have to get before N. peltata starts becoming more squat and tubby?
  8. Wow, I want a N. pitopangii so badly.
  9. Yes I love how squat some of them are great growing!
  10. how do you tell the difference? I have a Vigorous-Clumping I got from a grower in Puerto Rico. I will post pics but it won't be for awhile as I'm away from from home.
  11. beautiful! anytime I see a ceph with lots of non carnivorous leaves I always thing "its cuttings time".
  12. I have several types of sphag, but I do notice no matter which type it is the places that get less light the sphag is less dense and bushy and grows more open and stringy, almost like its etiolated. If I try and move it from low light to higher light directly, it just bleaches and dies. I have to slowly acclimate it to the brighter light to get it to grow dense and bushy. When I do cutting I too prefer the live sphag method as its essentially maintenance free. I just stick the cutting in there are wait for it to grow. If I have enough live sphag on hand I'll just pot it up in whatever pot I plan to have the plant in long term and set it aside and let it do its thing. The problem I've had with the cup of water method is remembering to change the water. Even when keeping the water fresh I've still lost some cuttings to rot however.
  13. very nice! what led are you using? the coloration is perfect IMO
  14. Yeah, I always thought they probably do grow faster in the wild, too. For example, my N. kinabaluensis is almost 4 years old and its barely the size of a quarter. I can't imagine a wild one being that small for that long without some wildlife or weather related happenstance taking the seedling out....