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  1. Fantastic plants as always Mike!!! Just amazing! If I'm lucky my clone F will reach this magnificent in 2 or 3 years! ;-) I would like to ask if could you post,please , some photos of the others clones G, H and I... would be nice see they all at their best as it's very hard to find photos of these clones in the web.. Kind regards, Bernardo. .
  2. I'm using only a 6200 k white 5w led lamp 20 cm from the plant.
  3. Very nice colour!!what clone is it? :-)
  4. Hi all! I'll just copy the photos I posted in another section here.. As for my Hummer's, this clone didn't received direct sun light during all the year and even if it should be very dark, the plant was always green... My plant at November. And below the same plant after only 30/40 days... It was the plant that get the most strong colour improved...as the name says;-)
  5. Hi all! It's all the winter I wanted to share some photos of my plant for show how great was the improve of colour under a simple 5w led lamp... The plant stay all the year outside and it take only one hour of direct sun light every day! This was the plant at November: Here at December with 8 hours led light every day... After few days... Soon I will post other photos of my plants as they are now... They really are exploding in this spring time! Regards, Bernardo.
  6. One or two grains of osmocote 2/3 cm under surface of the pot not near the roots... when the plant start to produce adult pitchers, only ants! If it's winter and the plant is still growing, just one or two grains again waiting the spring and the new ants. Ps. sorry for OT in your post Dimitar...
  7. Hello! I spoke with my CP great master, and he told me you are right Dimitar... this burned leaves was made by a fungus attack, not dangerous but very ugly to see... How stupid I was! But returning to the topic... I feed my plant in the first stage but when it start to produce adult pitcher I give only ants to the plant, a lot! 10/15 ants for pitcher! My plants are outside but in 100% shadow this summer, now the temperatures are lower and I will expose them for some hours day. The shape of the lids are always domed, just like the original photo of the cultivar description. Let's see how the plant will grow in the next months, but I just cant understand how different our plants are... kind regards, Bernardo.
  8. I don't know Dimitar if it's only a question if the plant is established or not... Please note that basically the plant never changed since it arrived to me... sure it don't show it's great potential in size but it is a super vigorous plant! here is when it arrive to me 24dec14. here 22apr15 you can see clearly the big rib in formation. end may15 After that I had a to much hot summer and very dangerous temperatures... so my plant didn't gone very well but it still grow and after get some leafs for division, my plant today present like this. today 21sep15, sorry for the burned leaves... my plant got 3 months of 38/40 Cº and even if it was always in 100% shadow, the leaves have burned the same... but pay attention on this pictures... Here is the side when the plant receive more light... here is the back of the plant, the side that looks to the wall... look the difference between the rib in the same moment! What do you think about? Kind regards, Bernardo.
  9. Hi Dimitar, Did you get your plant directly from Charles Brewer? Last December I had two plants from him, one small plant from rhizome cutting and one from his mother plant leaf. Both plants are identical but I can't see similitude with your plant... Your plant have ever present the big rib? Mine always produce this... more strong in the formation of the pitcher... I could notice that if they stay under very strong sun light ( south Italy for ex. ) the rib become more smaller when the pitcher reach complete formation. I'll do some photos of my plants and I'll post here if you agree.
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