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  1. Hi all don't know if there is a thread or sticky already, had a quick search but couldn't see one. I was just wondering if it was worth starting a sticky on various sprays that we have used for bugs and insects and on what plants and the results so we all have an easy look up reference? for example I have recently used .. Bayer Garden Multirose 3 in 1 on VFT's and Sarracenias and all are ok and greenfly all gone, and traps growing well. James
  2. Haha I can imagine, these are inside on my windowsill so should be ok. and despite my very clumsy attempts at repotting they are growing great. James
  3. Even if all the top growth goes don't give up on it they can grow back. Also go easy on the watering give a day or so before watering I know everyone has their own theories etc etc, but I find a gap of a day maybe two works fine. Their roots are long so the gap in watering keeps the crown on the dry side but the roots are moist I'm trying some in air pots they seem to be liking it James
  4. Get some sundews in that'll give'em something to think about James
  5. Ahh Derbyshire rain the sweetest of all hahaha infact it's raining right now in Derby itself, as annoying it is I try and remember it's filling my water butts ready for the 2-3 days of summer we have. James
  6. I see, if you can I would definitely try and get them outside but also watch the watering as I'm guessing the jars won't have drainage. Mine are outside and just fend for themselves other than the watering, you can feed them but it must be live, and maybe only once or twice a month they didn't need a lot. They are quite self sufficient James
  7. Hi do you have a garden? They would much prefer that than a terrarium, a nice sunny spot with rain water and they will catch their own dinner. Failing that a nice sunny window, but you will need somewhere cold for winter dormancy. James
  8. Bummer it's only a few mins from me and I'm busy this weekend too
  9. I know you said not scissors but have you tried those multi blade scissors? I think they are made for shredding paper. or a herb chopper? (parsley etc not the other ....although...maybe lol) You can get manual choppers where you put the moss in a bowl put lid on and turn a handle to spin blade and chop it up. but why do you want the moss so fine anyway I leave mine fairly chunky even for cuttings and seeds James
  10. Here we go again all arguing about names and clones this is what depresses me so much about collecting Cephs and posting a picture, it always bring 3 pages of arguments yes I have named clones but so what if a giant decides to grow small pitchers I love it all the same. Cephalotus are so variable even in the same clone they are effected by too many variables. enjoy your plants for what they are a miracle of nature and evolution James ill wait here to be shot down now lol
  11. James

    A little eager

    If it was me I would bring them in this year maybe next with the others left out, depends on how cold it could get james
  12. James

    A little eager

    unsure to be honest they have been there months that's for sure. wasn't expecting any success so i didn't make any notes, previously they have all died. James
  13. James

    A little eager

    you mean the pullings? Tempted to do it now but I'm going to leave it a bit to make sure they have stronger roots.
  14. James

    A little eager

    The media is my own mix of hydroponic fertiliser free compost, pearlite and sharp sand in a rough ratio of 2-1-1, I go by feel rather than anything else. watering I fill the tray about 5mm up the side of the pots, when that's gone I give it roughly 2-3 days for air to get in and the compost to dry a little, using my finger to check at the top, then re water. if it's hot more water or shorter time between waterings, as you get more experienced you can adjust, I know they are bog plants but I err on the side of caution and go a little drier. im no expert by any means I just find this works for me. Thanks, James
  15. James

    A little eager

    The adults are south facing behind shade and tray watered The pullings are north facing unshaded and uncovered i like to keep it simple :) James