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  1. Thank you for the Info. Now i understand the Name of this clone. So its from seeds of Allen Lowrie.
  2. Yes when you have bought it of Matze i Think its the real one.
  3. Looks typical for me.
  4. I love this clone very much. Need.
  5. This is another nice one in my Collection.
  6. Yes i see it now. But without names they just look like typical and These, i call them fake clones, are a big reason for the senseless fights in the cephalotus Scene. I was honest to the Friends who took them for free an told them why i give them away. But this was no Problem for them. And so they know it.
  7. Yes you are Right. The shape, form and the size of the pitchers is more interesting than Color.
  8. The same i did too a short time ago. In all cases i gave away my motherplants of Things like Queen Mary, TAB, Kingsley and so on for free to Friends. They just look typical and without shape nobody could say the Special characteristics.
  9. Yes me too. Its something Special. I like more the ones with an interesting pitcherform or size than the colourful ones.
  10. Hi Carl, no this is a very nice plant of Philmann. One of my favourites.
  11. A nice plant. What is the history of this clone and what are the Special characteristics of it?
  12. Nice plant. What are the Special charakteristics of this clone?