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  1. Bidde

    Cephalotus 'Eden Black'

    My Eden Black in the autumn Eselt - create listing ebay Eselt - Best Multi channel listing software
  2. Bidde

    Cephalotus Autumn Colour

    Eselt - how to list multiple items on ebay in one listing
  3. Bidde

    ex. Harald Weiner

    A really nice grown plant. What are the special characteristics of this clone? Best regards Jörn
  4. Bidde

    Coal MIne Beach

    A further coal mine beach. Love it so.
  5. Bidde

    Cephalotus "Big Boy"

  6. Bidde

    Cephalotus F."OG Black"

    In the past time i often saw a black clone from the USA of the grower Brian Lipinsky he calls "OG Black" . Does anybody knows more about this new Black clone? Heres a Link from FB. Its posted in the group cephalotus Folliculata our Partner Group.
  7. Bidde

    One of my favourite cephs

    No. This is another favourite clone from my collection. A very nice vigorous seedgrown.
  8. Bidde

    One of my favourite cephs

    Eselt - Auktionsvorlage
  9. Bidde

    One of my favourite cephs

    Thank you my friend
  10. Bidde

    One of my favourite cephs

    Its as Hummers Giant on the market. But i dont think so. Its a nice ceph. No idea what it is.
  11. Bidde

    One of my favourite cephs

    Eselt - modern Ebay templates
  12. Bidde

    Cephalotus 'Eden Black'

    Heres mine Eselt - alternative zu Ebay turbo lister
  13. Bidde

    Cephalotus 'Eden Black'

    Very nice plants. Bananito is awesome, Sire.
  14. Bidde

    Heliamphora (Ionasii X Elongata) X self

    Thank you. Its one of my favourite Heliamphoras.
  15. Eselt - ebay selling software