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  1. H. folliculata x neblinae (klon #1), A. Smith clone H. tatei x folliculata
  2. Near the Męcikał, Zaborski Landscape Park (Zaborski Park Krajobrazowy) uderwater Drosera intermedia
  3. As far as I know, this is a normal Daikin air conditioner
  4. The paludarium is 4.2 m long, with automatic sprinkling and air conditioning (24 degrees during the day, 18 at night), and the lighting is provided by three 400W Spectro Light Blast lamps.
  5. Near the 'Bory Tucholskie' National Park Drosera intermedia -
  6. Thanks, young highland species I transfer to highland conditions after transplanting seedlings into separate pots, usually such seedlings are 3-5 cm and more, it is a very different time for individual species
  7. Is this Drosera gigantea?
  8. thanks gabgabinou I'm sure you've seen before because Nepenthes dactylifera is recently-described species from Sarawak, but formerly classified as a local form of Nepenthes fusca.
  9. Thanks Keith, now I am not planning a publication on carnivorous plants, for now I am researching underwater plants Nepenthes spathulata Nepenthes spathulata x robcantleyi Nepenthes dactylifera Nepenthes maxima Nepenthes spectabilis x ventricosa
  10. Thanks, In fact N. robcantleyi x hamata is one of the prettiest crosswords, it is a BE clone, purchased in Poland in the Roraima store. I wish you successes in growing.
  11. In such high baskets several plants can grow, and Sphagmum I often use as a substrate for Nepenthes
  12. Nepenthes hamata BE-3380 Nepenthes mollis (Borneo) was N. hurrelliana