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  1. carambola

    Drosera bindoon

    Those are gemmae, certainly. With a bit of luck, the mother plant will even continue growing. You can get the gemmae off with a toothpick, or simply pour water on them.
  2. carambola

    orchissss on Ebay

    Unfortunately I think the only thing you can do is try to show whichever uninterested eBay representative you end up with, that the buyer is either knowingly or unknowingly making false claims. Let's hope they decide in your favour.
  3. carambola

    Buying bare rooted plants during dormancy

    'Trauma' is a myth created by people who aren't careful. If you don't damage the roots, a plant won't show any signs of distress. You can repot at any time of the year. Some plants, of course, are more fragile than others. In fact, repotting during dormancy doesn't cause any less damage, you simply won't notice if you caused any damage because the plants aren't growing yet anyway.
  4. carambola

    Terrarium Pygmies

    I wouldn't worry about it too much, just get some that you like, and that are visible without a magnifying glass (Drosera pulchella is an excellent fit, in my opinion). Start them from gemmae for the best results. If roots hit something on their way down, they grow around it. If it's the bottom of a pot, they'll just grow sideways.
  5. carambola

    Dead Darlingtonia

    I can't say what exactly happened in this case, but this is not true (at least not in the sense that they would need cooler roots than other plants, as of course very few plants like hot roots), it's a myth spread by people with little experience growing plants in general. My Darlingtonia are in black pots and have been standing in full sun, including the drought and current heatwave (37 C locally), no problems at all - save for a slug that had a nibble at the base of a nice green leaf... not that the plant cares, in fact said leaf is still standing.
  6. carambola

    Drosera capensis swelling

    Looks like roots to me. If you cover them up with soil and wait a few weeks/months, it'll start growing again.
  7. carambola

    Pinguicula Gigantea

    Miguel, could you take a close-up picture of the underside of one of the young, new leaves? I'm sure there was no ill intent involved, just a little confusion.
  8. carambola

    Uk drought

    You should be able to find 'demineralised water' in your local supermarket, it's cheap so you can buy a couple of them as emergency reserves. It's just like rain water in that it doesn't contain any minerals that would hurt the plant's roots. Keep in mind that if it's just for a couple of days, you don't have any rain water or demineralised water left and the shops are closed, there's no harm in using regular tap water for a bit.
  9. carambola

    Pinguicula Gigantea

    It looks exactly like my Pinguicula x Tina, so there must have been a mixup at some point.
  10. carambola

    Thinking About Picking Up a Ceph

    Flowering takes a lot of energy from a plant. If it's healthy, this is no problem, and if anyone claims otherwise, they don't know what they're talking about. If the plant is unhealthy, on the other hand, it will flower hoping to set seed before it dies, as a last-ditch effort to procreate. In that case (in fact, in most cases), there's no point to snipping off flower stalks, because it will just try to flower again.
  11. carambola

    Thinking About Picking Up a Ceph

    Honestly seeing as you've only got it for a mere two days, I'd first just wait and see if the plant does well under your conditions before going about trying to propagate it. It's nice to get new plants, but if it turns out Cephalotus (or at least this particular clone) doesn't like your house, you'll have two plants growing poorly instead of just one.
  12. carambola

    This doesn't seem right to me

    These are the so called juvenile pitchers, they don't have the characteristic shape. As your plant has already produced mature pitchers, it seems there has been a regression. It's hard to tell what caused it, but most likely it's simply a (temporary) lack of light. It could also just be a runner, which usually grows a couple of juvenile pitchers first before growing up. You don't really need to remove any sphagnum here, but if you do, you'll immediately see whether it's a runner or the main plant sending out the juvenile pitchers.
  13. carambola

    We all love free seedlings

    Lots of Drosera (maybe most) come out of the ground with round leaves, they get longer or wider (or both) as they grow older, provided they have enough light. So, there's no way to tell which species those seedlings belong to! It's pretty hard to kill Utricularia, as it doesn't have any roots or leaves. Any part of the plant can continue growing. It will look miserable for a while, but most likely it'll come back and invade all of your pots.
  14. carambola

    The fastest heliamphora growing?

    All Heliamphora are really slow growers compared to most other plants, but the Heliamphora nutans on my windowsill sends out pitchers like there's no tomorrow. In the past 6 months it's gone from 1 growing point to 5, and as soon as each pitcher is fully grown the next one is on its way. All it needs is water and light.
  15. carambola

    How poisonous pitcherplants are?

    Drosera rotundifolia (and therefore most likely a lot of other Drosera, too) apparently contains some beneficial substance for something, although I'm not entirely sure if this is real or quack medicine.