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  1. Yasin


    Thank you for help.
  2. Hi everyone, Problem is solved. Watch sarracenianorthwest videos for bugs :)
  3. Yasin

    Yasin's Pinguiculas

    Marciano Moranensis Hemiepiphytica x P. rotundiflora Hemiepiphytica x P. macrophylla Hemiepiphytica x P. emarginata
  4. Can someone give an example for plant size? I would like to see some photos if it is possible
  5. Ehlersiae x immaculata Gypsicola x Hemiepiphytica will be continue
  6. Ordensis Paradoxa Kenneally Caduca Darwinensis Derbyensis Broomensis Ordensis x Lanata
  7. Here is some photos of my petiolaris complex. They are under 4 x T5 HO lighting fixture. Temprature is around 25 celcius degree at min and 30 celcius degree at max for winter conditions. Drosera Petiolaris Drosera Petiolaris Dilatato petiolaris Falconeri Lanata
  8. I may have a division of Leah Wilkerson for 45,-  and of Adrian Slack for 55,- plus porto. if you are interested please contact me again.

  9. Yasin

    Drosera kaieteurensis?

    Hi, I bought this plant and it's on the way. But there is not much information. I will use 1:1 sand and peat mix. Is intermediate conditions ideal for this plant? Or should I put in highland conditions?
  10. Yasin

    Some new Clones from GREEN JAWS

    They are really amazing. I love forms of PomPom
  11. Yasin

    Hi everyone

    My name is Yasin. I grow carnivorous plant several years. I have two little greenhouse. There are approximately 1000 plants mainly dionaea, pinguicula, sarracenia and drosera. I have a few heliamphora, nepenthes and cephalotus. I always read this forum but I just joined.