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  1. I've just discovered flower stalk on my N. inermis x singala - it's a girl . I'm looking for pollen in exchange for a fair amount of seeds - PM me if interested. EDIT ---> Found, thanks Boris!
  2. Strange.... I had quite a few of my Neps flowering - all males :/ - however despite the fact, that most of them were TC plants from BE, none had died. Well, the growth was a bit stunted until it finished flowering or until the flower has been cut off, but that's all.
  3. Well Sam, my x Gentle is happily pitchering throughout the winter on the south-east facing windowsill :). Oh, and did I mention that it has central heating radiator right next to it? This hybrid is just bulletproof ;)
  4. Definitely N. x Gentle. Despite the name it's the most hardy nep I ever grown, especially in terms of low humidity tolerance.
  5. Thanks for correction. I guess, that's what happens if you're in a hurry and use codes instead of names ;)
  6. Hi Daan, I don't know the gender of your plants, however I can clarify one thing. Only BE-3026, BE-3164, BE-3064 are single clones, others are randomly assorted from 4-20 clones, depending on species. So I'm afraid that you'll have wait few years to discover gender of the remaining neps ;)
  7. Hi nepenthe777, My male ventricosa x inermis is flowering at the moment. First flowers should open in about 3-4 weeks and that's when I could send you the whole flower stalk. It's not much, but still better than nothing - let me know if you're interested.
  8. Always happy to help :). Since it's systemic, one watering should be enough. When I treated my plants for scale, I just poured the solution into water trays (3-4 cm).
  9. Hi alipe, I've used Confidor in the irrigation water to get rid of scale that infested my neps few years ago. Imidacloprid is systemic insecticide - that means it will be absorbed by roots and travel throughout the plant, effectively killing every susceptible insect feeding on it. Generally that means most insects (but not mites!). There's only one catch - it smells really bad and that smell persist for weeks after irrigation.
  10. Thanks Amori, maybe this variety is not that highland after all. What lights do you use? Pitcher colouration is quite nice - reminds me of mine mikei.
  11. Damn, now that's what I call fast grower ;) Can you tell us what are your day/night temps and what medium do you use?
  12. Hopefully 2*C for 8 hours shouldn't be a problem for most highlanders. That is, if the temps weren't lower during the night. Anyway - good luck with the plants!
  13. Major

    Not dead yet

    Damn, sorry to hear that Jens :/
  14. Major

    Not dead yet

    This poor x trichocarpa nearly died in October when it was subjected to 8/2 (day/night) degrees centigrade for almost a week. However about two months later that presumably dead nep sprouted a new healthy growth. The bottom line is - don't give up the hope Jens!