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  1. A special thanks to Derek Clavell Bates and Simon Lumb. Without their help none of these would have popped up!
  2. Some time ago I reduced the size of my collection and started to cultivate some smaller species. This is one. It took the pitcher three years to show up and it is 1.5-2cm tall. The plant is just over 20 cm. Is this what one ought to expect or have I managed to stunt another plant? http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?app=galleryâ„‘=9646
  3. Leo


    Update 2011-2015
  4. Leo

    Nepenthes 2011-2014

  5. Oh no. I'm on a timer again. Time to rebuild the greenhouse! Yours looks very much like 50-50... Nice plant btw.
  6. Hi Mark, I have several seedlings now 18 months old from my own seed stock. The truncata was of unknown origin but the ventricosa from Malesiana Tropicals. Incidentally both are now grown by a friend of mine. Of course it is hard to say what the adult plant willl look like but so far I'd say the leaves look more like truncata. Just out of interest - is it a compact grower? If you are interested I can take some pictures. Leo
  7. Leo

    The Inbetweeners

    Early intermediates- often more interesting than either 'pure' morphology ...and a hint of things to come. vietchii x boschiana (Wistuba) eymae (Wistuba) Lowii (BE) ampullaria (Wistuba)
  8. Yes 20 is a bare minimum and besides they really do not take kindly to lower humdity - (basal rosettes are much less susceptible as the leaf surface is greatly reduced as compared to a normal leaf). I assume you are unable to prune?
  9. Leo


    I would agree very much with loligo1964's comments. Hitting 30 regularly would not be good. In my experience (I have to stress my plants are 25cm across so still quite small) they do fine with 10-15 night and 26 max in daytime in summer. No crazy cooling needed.
  10. You may want to consider this . I know others have used or use this and it is very effective without cutting down too much on the light. The aluminium reflects some of the sunlight and what gets through is more than enough.
  11. Not sanguinea .. but this is what happens if you are lazy and don't prune...3m + prior to the chop. It was escaping from the greenhouse vent! Palawan 3 (Wistuba)
  12. I grow Paisan (BE) and a lowland from in highland conditions.... This is the most recent pitcher on the lowland plant - about 45cm, forearm included for scale. For good growth they both seem to like nights around 15C - more intermediate than anything else.
  13. Leo


    Yes two plants will likely not win over any statisticians.... Also the likelihood of the plant storing energy in winter is not very high as the overall metabolic rate is depressed.
  14. Leo


    After reading various threads about coffee I was wondering whether anyone has seen dramatic results strictly in the depths of winter in their respective hemispheres...? Just curious.