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  1. I think this might be the discussion referred to. I repotted all my plants out of Vitax.
  2. My local Tesco's in Sheffield are selling slim water butts for £6.75!!
  3. Thanks for the advice. The plant has been in amongst my Sarracenia all winter and has had reasonable amounts of light. It did get frozen quite a few times. Obviously there was some very changeable weather swinging from freezing to quite warm and back again in the space of a few days. Maybe that upset it. I'll move it out from the tall pitchers and give it a bit more direct light.
  4. Hi My Darlingtonia has recently produced new pitchers. However they don't seem to be producing the forked tongue. As this is my first year with carnivorous plants I have never seen new pitchers from these Darlingtonia before. So my question are these going to mature or is something horrible going on and my plant is damaged? The sphagnum does seem to be getting too deep so I intend to cut it back and give the Darlingtonia more air. Thanks in advance Robert
  5. Hi Dunc There may be more to this than first thought. I've not seen any aphids on my plants. My plants were in Vitax peat. When I asked them about additives they said it contained fertilizer! When I pointed out their so called PURE peat could be killing my plants they back tracked quickly. I repotted my plants anyway. (See postings under Vitax Irish Peat) it's just a waiting game now.
  6. I've now repotted all the plants that were in Vitax. There was little sign of new root growth. Most were dark brown, just a few light coloured fresh roots. Does that mean that the roots were being burned by the (possible) fertilizer?
  7. Whilst I dithered about whether to buy or not the price went up. It started at £60 but is now £85!! As a result I've not purchased. I would be very interested in what others think or have experienced.
  8. I've had Klasmann recommended to me. I've also noticed that Little Shop of Horrors also use Klansmann. I've no experience since I've only been hooked on carnivorous plants for nearly a year but I've just bought some Klansman.
  9. Further update. I complained to Vitax about their Pure Peat having fertiliser in it and the fact that it was damaging my plants and got this response. Thank you for your follow up email, sorry for the confusion from my colleagues’ initial response. We do have a number of composts using Irish peat within our Grower range of products which do have added nutrients but this is not in fact the case for the specific “Irish Peat” product. Our titled “Irish Peat” product does not have any added nutrients or supplements as is correctly described on the website. Apologies for the confusion. As we have not directly trialled any of our composts specifically for carnivorous plants and as they are known to be a particularly specialist plant which can involve a number of complications outside of our usual area of expertise my colleague has erred on the side of caution in not recommending one of our products for that type of use. If you wish to provide any further information or images of the plants you have struggled with we would be happy to look at them in case one of our agronomists can give any further advisement but this is not a plant type we are specialised with. Our Irish Peat does not however contain any nutrients so if that is an issue with the plants you are growing then you can be less concerned that our Irish Peat will cause or has caused a problem. Sorry again for the confusion. -------- I'm not sure where this leaves us. I for one have already sourced and purchased alternative peat to repot my plants. I've also contacted Vitax again to inform them their misinformation has now cost me. I'll post their response.
  10. Totally agree. I saw the same and was reassured. It was only when I started having problems and was advised that the peat could be an issue I thought I would double check and got the response I didn't want. Pure peat should be PURE PEAT.
  11. I have some Vitax peat and some of my sarracenia pitchers have started twisting. See my post under Sarracenia - Twisted Pitchers. I've contacted Vitax and here is their reply. Thank you for your enquiry, our Irish Peat does have some fertiliser content so it would not meet the requirement you describe. Unfortunately we do not currently have a peat only product in our range. Sorry we cannot be of assistance on this occasion Looks like I may have to re-pot! ☹
  12. Ada was trying to respond to my post. His reply has now appeared 3 times under sarracenia although not affected the reply count. Also his direct response has appeared 4 times in my inbox. Something strange is definitely going on. Robert
  13. Your post under Sarracenia has appeared 3 times now but doesn't appear to be reflected in the replies number. Also your PM to me has appeared 4 times in my inbox. Most odd!! Something weird is obviously going on.
  14. Hi Picol Thanks for the advice it's reassuring. Should I repeat spray the plants in a few weeks?
  15. Hi I've been away for a week and when I got back I discovered these twisted pitchers. They were fine and straight when I left. I think they have been attacked by a bug of some sort - thrips? The little white evil dots in the photo! I've treated with Provado. Have I done the right thing? I've only been keeping sarracenia for 9 months so still learning. Help appreciated. Thanks Robert