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  1. Thanks every one for the Replies, I guess my best option is to get a £40 RO Unit from ebay, then I can treat the tap water as and when I need to
  2. So there has been a lack of rain in the South East of the UK over the past few months and my water butts are getting very low. If I fill a water butt up with Tap Water (Bearing in mind we are in a very HARD water area) and leave it to stand for a few weeks, would that be ok to use on my VFT,s? Thanks
  3. I have found a Stockist of ..... Klasmann Irish Moss Peat Fine (Recipe 822) 200L £12.24 Silvaperl Perlite Standard 100L 1-5mm £12.00 Cornish Grit (2-4mm) 25kg £4.84 Prices Excluding Vat, Deliver was £12.50 Best to Call as the Klassman is not listed on their web site. Hope it helps some one Kev
  4. HI I got some plants from Mike King last year, and 2 of them are getting very FULL with pitchers. I an going to try Rhizome cutting and I'm looking for some Do's and Don'ts, maybe a good video tutorial any one knows of one Thanks all Kev
  5. Awesome, ill get some in the morning Thanks Chris
  6. Skullkeeper

    White Fly

    Hi I have just noticed White Fly on 2 of my Venus Fly Traps that are in an Unheated green house, Whats the best option to get rid of them? Thanks Kev
  7. Awesome, Thanks for the info Lucien
  8. I have noticed a few of my flytraps have gone MAD with new growth over the past few weeks Is it TOO LATE in the season to repot ? Thanks Kev
  9. any idea on some Sarracenia that will grow in the shade?
  10. I have just Ordered a Drosera capensis - GIANT Form, "Plants currently 12-18cms tall", i need some Advice on what size pot i should use when it arrives? Thanks in advance Kevin
  11. Skullkeeper


    Cool, thanks for the info
  12. Skullkeeper


    Do i need to Wash/Rinse the perlite before i use it?
  13. Skullkeeper


    I just got a 100L bag of perlite, but i need some ideas on the best way to rinse it before i us it?
  14. Ada, any chance you can ask your mate where he gets the Klasmann from? i am near Heathrow and the nearest stockest i can find is 80 miles away in West sussex Thanks