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  1. hi got from him good plants in good size and free plants
  2. hello people are there someone in this forum that know or have email to contact Graham Sadd? kind regards
  3. lucien mathias maier had maked some dionaeas with pom pom form and they are stable, one of these is GJ supernova. i don't know supernova by trev cox
  4. contact mathias maier, he has dionaea supernova that it is similar to pom pom
  5. lucine thank but cerbere you said it is from guillaume but he is guillaume bily? dents stress you said lucien and this lucien are you? i know that double green is from pawel red and it is stable, and i know that moon trap probably from klein
  6. hello people! i need to know who created or discover these dionaea: -all red fused -amteborus -ARPC -bart blezzer -bear trap -black pearl -bloody shark -brutal shark -cerbere -cerberus -charly mandon's spotted -coq couche -cropped tooth -degeneration -dentata crested -dentee -dents stress -double green -fused tooth perso I -giant big mounth -green fused tooth -jumbo -hela 2 -mikkiki -minutissimum -moon trap -patches -plumochon -purple giant -quadratfalle -red shark teeth -shark teeth -switzerland giant -tigher teeth -uk i -uk ii
  7. some my dioneae and sarracenias yhank you for visiting
  8. beautiful dionea....very compliment
  9. very beautifulllllllllllll!!!!!!!!
  10. you are the best...congratulation...