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  1. Lepto

    Flower Power

    My plant is flowering. When will it blossom? I am only at my plants every 2 weeks and dont want to miss it flowering, so I can pollinate it. My camers screwed up the brightness of the pictures somehow.
  2. If a bare rooted plant gets a damaged root, it will slowly die like my plant did. If not, it will grow well like my other plants i received did. Also at 65% humidity it will definitely not die without damage. (And i kept the plant in a plastic bag wheen i first got it so it can adapt) Shipping with soil never damaged a plant ever, and I have ordered many over the years sent either with a little soil or in a pot.(Must have been badly packed then, when yours got damaged)
  3. I sent him a message directly after receiving the plant. We decided to wait if it recovers or not, and it did not. He said he will send replacement. Then no response for 10 days until i ask... Then he said he will send refund. Then he ignored my messages for 1 week and then told me only after being persistent, he decided not to refund anything. This behavior is very very bad! And I told him right on arrival how the plant is, i even opened a Forum Post, to ask for help and sent him a picture. It is his fault, If he gurantees a healthy plant then he should keep his gurantee. Every good seller
  4. I ordered a plant, that nearly died when it arrived, and since then was slowly withering. And he denied an exchange plant. He sent it bare rooted and the roots were messed up during arrival. Beware of this seller. Buy at a place you can trust, you receive healthy well packed plants. Where you immediately get a refund if something is wrong!
  5. I have ordered a Nepenthes jamban at carnivoria.eu. It says I have gurantee should something go wrong on the web site, but the seller does not, give you the gurantee. In my case the plant was sent bare rooted and the roots were damaged .Therefore the plant never grew and started to slowly wither (because it had no functioning roots) The seller says when he sent it it was in great condition and therefore it must have been my bad conditions that damaged the plant. What really made me angry is, that first he offered an exchange plant. 10 Days later after asking multiple times he said
  6. And how do you desinfect them, with coal powder? Where do you cut them? I have counted 7 growing pouints on my 113 Adrian Slack and I want to sell 2 or 3 but Immedeately after cutting due to space issues. I never did dividing before...
  7. Lepto

    Mad Prices

    I think cephs should.be tissue cultured until they are cheap enough to be an alternative to eating salad.
  8. Lepto

    Mad Prices

    Haha, yesterday i was in a really bad mood xD. I dont think it wont sell. if not I put it in Ebay. i think u can sell everything there for astronomous Prices. Just saw that a juvenile adrian slack got sold for 50 pounds there. If noone wants it now I will put it for sale again in spring then it will have maybe 20 not 4 pitchers and sell well. I repotted it and theres soil on some of the juvenile growing points, so it doesnt look big. The most greedy thing would be to sell every growing point for 50 pounds as someone did on ebay. But I dont feel like doing that. I just dont give things away f
  9. Lepto

    Mad Prices

    I paid 40 so i want atleast 65 for a Plant i have grown for years, If not I would throw it away. And I allways take very good care of everything I do and therefore I pack Plants in a small plastic bag then a big one before that I secure the soil and put a pot ontop of the pot and then I habe to find a parcel and paper and so on And then I have to drove to the Post office And Sometimes it happens the post doesnt ship the parcel for 2 Week and it gets stuck. And sometimes the buyer is stupid and things get complicated. So Yes, I would throw it away. And the last time I had 13 Darlings a big robc
  10. Lepto

    Mad Prices

    Well, If I dont sell it for a cheap price And I dont have space cus I allready bought myself new clones, then I throw it away. I dont sell plants below 30-35 euos anyway cus i hate packing and shipping them and all the stress of communicating and crap, and the risk of something going wrong cus the Post service sucks. http://forum.carnivoren.org/topic/38958-achtung-frisch-gestrichen/?hl=%2Bfrisch+%2Bgestrichen There u see a ugly eden black and a clone from martin Stöckl which is a bit darker... Yes i think eden black is ugly... The clone from Martin stöckl costs 45 euros not 450 000 mi
  11. Lepto

    Mad Prices

    well, i bought my slack for 40 when it was juvenile now its fully grown. So yeah, I ask for that. If noone wants it I go down to 70 give and if then noone responds I give it to my neighbour or throw it away If i dont get atleast a little more than what I paid for the juvenile Plant. Yeah like i said, dudley watts is like a hummer with bigger teeth. I think theyre too big and therefore prefer hummers looks. Anyway, Normally u can sell half of ur big plant and get ur Moeney back if ur a really good grower. But still, If u go for looks and not for rarity then u get good plants for good prices.
  12. Lepto

    Mad Prices

    just dont buy a dudley watts. Its big, other clones are too. duidley watts is big so is hummers giant ang in germany palmengarten where it originated from, german giant gets 8cm traps i live there. So get yourself any kind of giant. my Hummers got 7cm traps and thats big and dudley watts has bigger teeth but isnt really bigger. And never ever get a eden black, sooo totally overpriced.theres other black clones out there that cost a fraction and get darker. I think if u throw out a few seeds of dark plants u can make yourself your own eden black. Thats what many people did.
  13. Everyone who had bought a Giant clone and didnt get any giant traps out of it, can post its name here. And if he wants to... the name of his biggest giant plant as comparison. I want to know how many fake giants are out there who are just above average (3,8cm traps) or something like that.
  14. Lepto

    SD Kronos

    So, does the plant get red in full sunlight or does it stay as green as it is in the pictures? I mena its big and deserves to be called giant, because it is, and many other giants are not, but If it stays this green its still not pretty in my opinion...