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  1. Lamps are in combination at the moment, but this kind of metal halide doesn't like me so much because gives some colours with lower purpurea and psittacina, but with higher leuco and flava has the problems I said before and burns a bit the " hats" of sarracenias. I tried to keep it higher but the light was too spread and so i lost colours. I think led lamps could be a very intresting solution, plants grows healthy and smell like growing in full sun light. I started to used them only from last winter, so I don't know anything about long term use. Maybe the winning solution is to join them to
  2. Hi Carl, I'm using 12 w spot led lamps, 1w each led. I'm using also a Philips mastercolor cdm-r lamp 70w , almost good for colours but not so much for the growing, plants grow a bit twisting and weak, and without nectar production. Where this year I place the led lamps instead of another mastercolour, plants are growing higher and stronger. Now I would like to add more led lamps because their problem is also the few spread of light, but I need a solution for the colours. Here you can see some photos of plants in my "terrace bog". Ciao Marco
  3. Hi everybody, I would like to ask you suggestions about artificial lights for adult sarracenia plants: I have a "terrace bog" that doesn't receive direct sun light, so I'm testing white led lamps 5500 K with good results in growing size and nectar production, with some plants 60 -70 cm high, but less satisfactory colour result. I would like to add some lamps but I don't know if try with 4000 K led lamps or if is better T5 or HQI. I saw this post that show good result with HQI seedlings, but I didn't find anything about adult plants. I have to illuminate an area of 100 x 60 cm from an he