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    glistening carnivores, without Pinguicula and my little team of north Germany enthusiasts of carnivorous plants (oder meine Nordherde ;-) )

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  1. Hallo together, Paul thank you for this little film. More pics find on the page of Nicole: here and in the forum of the German CP Society: GfP-Forum Daniel
  2. Hi Johns, march and april the best time to repot, this ist after the, in Europe, dry and cool dormant period. Pumice stones its the best for Lithops, peat and sand treasure up the water, thats deathly for most Lithops, not today but tomorrow. I got my Lithops 3 years only in pumice and have only nearly 10 % dead plants. Greetings Daniel
  3. Hi Johns, its impossible without flower to say what it is, maybe Lithops leslei??? My Lithops have 6 -8 cm long roots. The plant need a bigger an deeper pot. Pumice stones are the best for Lithops. Informations you find here: -http://www.lithops.info/en/ a super nursery here: http://www.conos-paradise.de/en/index.php5...f924ec2e7ce1ac6 Greetings from Germany Daniel