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  1. A bunch of pucs from my tropical greenhiuse, some are from 2020 others more recent :) received_719069172303552.webp received_5680486071976977.webp received_127415405903678.webp
  2. Hello, as we all know N. truncata is a very widespread species and I'd be interested to know what temps you give to yours and possibly what clones they are. Also, I've heard some people had particular issues concerning watering too much their plants... what do you think?
  3. Hello there, according to you guys would it be possible to grow these two genera together? I mean at the end of the day they take more or less the temperatures, along with pygmies and tuberous droseras (a range inbetween 8C-30C let's say), although sundwes definitely prefer more stable temps on the cool side in the winter. Albeit, would there be a chance? The only thing that makes me douvbt seriously is atually humidity... i give plenty of humidity to my neps and heliaphoras with a high pressure fogger but i'm unsure this would be good for those sticky-leaved plants. Any ideas?
  4. Hello there, how do you grow your plants? Do you think it's better having them hanging or sitting on benches?
  5. Hello :) yes i suspected ventricosa too... even the texture of the pitchers is similar... still i don't know what else might be in it
  6. Hello... I bought from hampshire carnivorous plants a specimen of this https://www.hantsflytrap.com/be2985-nepenthes-pacifica-1305-p.asp N. x pacifica, a very lovely hybrid (originally from Borneo Exotics apparently, BE2985), I must say. Only thing is I have no clue what the composition is and the seller himself does not provide much information. Any idea?
  7. The fact is in that I've noticed that there are no real specialised providers in EU, and many private collections have largely mislabelled specimens
  8. Hello, has anyone of you guys ever ordered from this website http://www.droseragemmae.com/? I see it's located in the US, so I was wondering whether it's be a deal buying something from them or a risk of receiving half-dead stuff. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I wrote an email to Mr Klein using this address cklein5(at)me.com but received no answer and other people tokd me are having (or have had) problems contacting him. Any ideas?
  10. I intended to heat mine at about 13°C or so too... I think the only way to see if it works it's trying, unfortunately it's damn hard to make predictions in this case
  11. Personally I've begun to thnk that this topic might have very different answers depending on where the grower comes from... for example Ive seen that in France many enthusiasts heat their ghs with electricity but my goodness here it'd be like spending a pint and a hlf of blood a day! In Italy everything is kinda expensive, I think that pellet here would be the best option for a small gh like mine, but heh, probably in France or in the UK propane or gas work better