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  1. Treat it the same a sibuyanensis. BTW the seeds might be fake as literally nobody has them
  2. if got basals cut the base of the stem
  3. You probably need more humidity as I used to have that problem.
  4. Nepenthes Hemsleyana Nepenthes Khasiana grows like a weed in lowland conditions. sorry for bad quality photos.
  5. Throw some spathaglottis orchids in there as i have seen them grow side by side in the wild with Ampullaria in direct sunlight.
  6. Personally i never reuse my old mix due to the fact it breaks down over time, which means it loses it properties that it was originally intended for e.g. You have sphagnum and perlite mixed together the sphagnum breaks down and is no longer has good airflow around the roots. Ben
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