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  1. The Amtra sand I bought has a grain size of about 1-2 mm. It's on amazon as "Wave Fine Quartz Substrate, 5 kg, White" they also have a medium but it turns out that's exactly the same! It seems to do well for the pings and other plants!
  2. Hi Greg, thanks for your input! Yes, my hopes are pretty low for those two. There is maybe a little bit of green on the stem at least for the big alata but not much to speak of. Do you think I should cut back the dark bits of the leaves or is there no danger of it spreading? I didn't see any more spreading since Tuesday, and the situation seems stable for now. Fingers crossed I'll get all the others through.
  3. Hi, I recently ordered a bunch of nepenthes to get into the hobby. These are my first highland species (I have 4 hybrids and they're doing well). My delivery took a week and it was quite hot during that time. Most arrived in a very good state all bagged with a bit of sphagnum and paper towel but one bag already looked a bit poorly when they arrived and those 4 are now crashing hard. Within 12 h of potting them into 1:1 rinsed long fibre sphagnum : perlite and some bits of live sphagnum on top to hopefully have a nice cover at some point. I put them into a propagator to keep the humidity high, they turned darker (if they weren't already) and the leaves are quite soft. I now have two options (or more) 1. Leave them in the propagator with high humidity and fairly constant conditions but little air circulation. 2. Put them into my makeshift grow space that has a few fans and a humidifier that turns on every couple of minutes if the humidity drops under 65%. This has more air circulation but the conditions aren't as consistent as in the propagator and the humidity might be lower. I live in a loft so general temperatures are on the high side (27C-30C during the day and 18-21C during the night). They are under LED strips (20W Bridgelux eb slim gen 3 6.5K). My guess is that they had not enough water during the transport (the paper towel in this bag was quite dry compared to the others) and are now suffering. I am pretty worried they are not going to make it. I ordered a bunch and the others are doing ok (so far... ) but it would be nice not to lose them! Any tips would be much appreciated! Should I keep them on the dry side or on the damp side? High humidity or low humidity? Is there hope? Thank you!
  4. Cheers Dunc! That's good to hear - I didn't imagine how difficult it was to find the right sand!
  5. Hi, I bought some sand to mix into media, especially to use for mexican pinguicula but potentially also for other substrates. Does anyone have experiences with this sand in particular, are there any potential issues you would expect from using it and are there any other tips a newbie like myself should be aware of? I was planning to wash it and use the white sand in the medium and the coloured sand as topping to keep moss at bay. I want to make a shallow bowl with some different pings in there... Thank you in advance for your advice, weedabix
  6. Thank you @linuxman! It seems I got a little surprise collection there!
  7. That looks amazing! And all very tidy with beautiful plants! You should be dead proud of your work here!
  8. I ordered some plants from triffid nurseries, and in amongst the Drosera Capensis of my beginner set were some other, small drosera. One that has spoon shaped leaves (spatulata?). And one with forked leaves (binata?) but with entirely red stems not green like the one that was part of the order). Now also in the other capensis there are some entirely green spoon shaped leaves showing up and I wonder whether these are a different species again or where just covered by sphagnum moss... While we're at it, I used sphagnum moss because I ran out of peat when the order arrived and my girlfriend still had some sphagnum - is this fine? Or should I repot again? Sorry for the newbie questions, I only just got into it! Best wishes, weedabix
  9. The plants have arrived - and they look really good! Super healthy! I hope they stay that way! I have now finished my setup indoors and I am quite pleased with it! I have 4 diy led grow lights (bridgelux eb2 gen 3 3500K running at around 20W each) and I have put a window in front of the Nepenthes. On a hot day like yesterday, temps were creeping up to almost 30C in our flat so hopefully this will keep moisture up. Most of my plants are hybrids, but I am already keen to get some species of nepenthes and pinguiculas. On the pictures you see some pings and sarracenia on the top left, and right, top middle are droseras and an utricularia, bottom shelves are some orchids on the left and the Nepenthes on the right. Oh and some basil of course! My love for cp's escalated quickly! It's almost like I'm competing my girlfriend in her orchid addiction! I think I might introduce a fan soon to get the air moving a bit! It's hard to see but there is actually a gap between the perspex and the dividing board in the middle and I also left a gap at the height of the light on the right to let warm air escape. If you spot any other issues with this setup, please let me know! Best wishes and thanks for the warm welcome! weedabix
  10. Thank you Steve, that was super helpful! I have now decided to put them under a diy grow light which I am almost finished building. This should hopefully be fine for them until I move in late October. And I ordered a bunch more plants from Hampshire Carnivores and can’t wait for them to arrive!
  11. Thanks for the heads up Topfrog, I'm moving country in October so hopefully my new home will have a garden/basement!
  12. Hi everyone, I am into other plants and have been growing them indoors, when looking for natural remedies for fungus gnats I came across pings and ordered one online - and straight away ordered some more CP's! Now I'm hooked and put in another order and feel both excited as well as a little bit naughty for going on a shopping spree! I have a question: I want to give the plants a bit more sun, so I am thinking of putting them outside on the roof each day if it's not too windy (I live in the attic of a city apartmentbldg.) and I have two questions: 1. Do I have to worry about seagulls destroying my sarracenia? 2. Do the plants mind the abrupt change in environment during the day? 3. Do I have to worry about fungus gnat infestations? Any input would be appreciated!