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  1. Has anyone tried the high powered led like Cree XML ?? Try looking at youtube for it. They are quite impressive. I think i will have a try at making a growlight out of them soon. Edit : Never mind just read it in another topic
  2. Dont you have any extra lighting for the plants in winter? Im waiting impatiently for pics and info in spring ;)
  3. How have everything gone so far Gareth??
  4. Maybe they would like to have a little higher night temperatures. Are your other intermediates growing better?
  5. Very collection indeed May I ask what the conditions are in there during winter? And if you just heat with electricity?
  6. A little more information would be helpful. Which species do you grow in there? How long have they been growing in the terrarium? What media do you grow them in? If they are highland species and been in there for a while I would rather place my bet on poor light levels because of the winter then low humidity. If you cover the top in a south facing window you would probably cook your plants when summer arrives. Buy and hygrometer and check the RH. Above 60% -> OK :)
  7. Im sorry but I couldnt get any closer pics. These plants was so far out into the pond that I risked sinking like a rock if I tried to go any further. Whats the main difference between Bremii and Minor?
  8. Its been some time since my last post here so I thought I would start with this. A few years ago I went to explore and collect seeds in "Gölsjö mosse" outside of Ljungby, Sweden. I was going to upload photos but then my computer crashed and all my photos were gone. So I went back today to get some new fresh photos :) Though I should have waited just a few more days since most of the drosera are just coming into flower. To start of Here is what the bog looks like. Its a very very big bog. It stretches all the way from where I am standing, to the tree line on the first photo. And this little pools are everywhere The place is covered with this little fellows must be billions of them. Drosera Rotundifolia A little harder to find are these. About 400 meters into the bog harder :S Drosera Intermedia And on the same spot I also found some Utricularia Minor Unfortunately I could only find one single plant this time of Drosera Anglica There are also wild Sarracenia Purpurea here but this time I couldnt find them :S Guess I will be heading back soon on a Sarracenia hunt :) Well anyway, I hope you have enjoyed a quick view of my fieldtrip as much as I did
  9. I agree with marcello. N.glabrata
  10. If its long enough then try to let it dangle over the side of the pot. So that it grows down under then pot. This worked great for my ampullaria cuttings...
  11. I think this is somekind of virus. It happened to my reinwardtiana was well, at first I thought I kept it to wet. So I repotted it to a more airy medium. But I did not manage to save it anyway. It died in a couple of months. Hope someone can help you out here better then me...
  12. I didnt mean to offend you. Its not easy if you have just started out with CPs I know that. Its just that there is at least 50 persons who come and ask this " I bought this at the local GC can you ID my Nepenthes?" And 90% of the times its ventrata and it can get quite tiring. And its not that I get tired of the people coming to this forum.. that is just great :) But I get tired of all this mislabeling at the Garden Centres
  13. Looks like root problem. Try repotting them into a more airy media.
  14. Ill say N. x ventrata as well. We should make a sticky on pics of GC hybrids. So we dont have to ID all this ventratas and sanguineas 300 times a year
  15. I to find Northiana quite tricky. At first I grew it in pure live spaghnum. But I soon changed this to about 30% live spaghnum and the rest perlite and orchid bark. After that the plant really took off. I grow it warm, (about 28C day temp and 23C night) the same light levels that I have for ampullaria and with very high RH.
  16. Get a small computer fan in there. U can buy them cheap for about 5€ and get a 12W adapter/transformer and connect it to that. Or I think you that you can even use an old mobile phone charger if you have that. They have lower wattage but this will just set the fan to spin slower. Quite easy and will provide more then enough air movement in that small terrarium even with a 4W mobile phone charger.
  17. What did you plant your nepenthes in? Also íf you dont have any kind of ventilation in there then everything will be covered in mold within weeks.
  18. Well its certainly worth the wait its jsut that kind of veitchii that I have been after for years Glad to hear that it bounced back after flowering :) Did you get any seeds from it? It would make a great parent for hybrids :)
  19. Great plants as usual :) What form of veitchii is that simon?
  20. I would go with the Miranda as well. I seriously doubt its Copelandii due to the leave shape and the fact that its a GC plant.
  21. Common garden center hybrid... Nobody REALLY knows what I am
  22. Never cover them with anything.
  23. Do you have the plants planted in pure live spaghnum or have you just top dressed the pots? If it is just top dressed then it could be that it dont get any water. I have had a hard time growing live spaghnum as top dressing on pots. It seems that it dries out to quickly. But If I have the whole pot full with live spaghnum then it grows out of control. And the spaghnum I have have which have received to much light has burned tips. They go completely black. So I dont think thats the problem.
  24. Lovely plants and lovely photos as always Sockhom! May I have some quick info on your growing conditions?? :)