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  1. Hi ! After a long absence here are some pictures of my little collection http://www.flickr.com/photos/nepenthesguillaume/sets/72157640393319314/
  2. I have Lecanopteris and Myrmecodia
  3. happy to share my collection with you
  4. Hi to all, Here is a series of photos for the month of August to visit my collection Good ;)
  5. Here's a new video of my greenhouse :
  6. The small pipe used to see the water level remaining .
  7. To name called me which photo you want to know the nepenthes. For hydrofogger small white hose and all simply connected to the hose. it is a kind of valve that pierces the garden hose I do not know how to explain
  8. Hi all, I post photos of my new nepenthes good viewing!
  9. Hi to all, I put my video online first year of my greenhouse good viewing Lien :
  10. yes campanulata x robcantleyi Photo April 20
  11. Hi ! new photo series in April
  12. Allo Andreas , Thank you Andreas ! Yes the flowers of some Dracula have a face looks like a monkey's head. I look forward that summer is coming to have larger urn with more color . Guillaume
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