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  1. Hello, Very nice pictures. It reminds me of my own trip there several year ago. I miss Bako especially. A few corrections and infos: -The fourth picture of the first post shows N. albomarginata, not N. reinwardtiana. -The so-called N. rafflesiana hybrid is actually a rafflesiana intermediate pitcher. -The sundew is Drosera spatulata var. bakoensis. It is endemic from Bako National Park. -The last unknown Nepenthes seems to be N. mirabilis but I suspect there is a bit of hybridization with another species. Hope it helps. ;-) François.
  2. Hi, Point is, Jeff 1 shouldn't use in a public board fantasy names as if they were epithetes that have been formally published. This is misleading, at best. Of course, one is free to do whatever he wants in his own lil' private garden. ;-) Cheers, François.
  3. Oups. Sorry. Hopefully, it's fixed now. ;-) Cheers, François.
  4. Hello, I have made a series of very short videos when I was traveling in Borneo last March and April. Here are some of them Nepenthes reinwardtiana : http://carnivorousockhom.blogspot.fr/2016/11/a-short-video-of-nepenthes.html Nepenthes stenophylla : http://carnivorousockhom.blogspot.fr/2016/11/leading-group-of-enthusiasts-to-see.html Nepenthes tentaculata : http://carnivorousockhom.blogspot.fr/2016/11/nepenthes-tentaculata-on-dry-slope-on.html All the best, François.
  5. Hello all, I received a nice order from David a few weeks ago. I'm fairly happy with it. All the best, François.
  6. I agree with Christer: the fulgorid might be a Kalidasa species. Nice field trip. I like the rosea shots, among others. :) François.
  7. What a beautiful and informative selection of pictures, Christian. This is clearly a trip I'd like to do one day. Thank you for sharing these photographs with us. François.
  8. Thank you for the endeavour Andy. ;-) François.
  9. Hello all, The reviews on one of the French forum are mixed. From satisfied to very unhappy: http://www.forumcarnivore.org/viewtopic.php?f=102&t=24576&start=30 I don't know all the detailed stories so I won't argue. I think I will give Carnivoria.eu a try and will post here what I think about that very first order. Stay tuned. ;-) All the best, François.
  10. Hello everyone, Has anyone ordered plants through carnivoria.eu recently? I've been toying with the idea of buying some Drosera but there have been some fairly bad reviews on a French forum so I am really hesitating. :-( All the best, François.
  11. Hello Krzysio, This N. smilesii is really peculiar. Could you please tell us where does it comes from? Do you know the location? I'm studying Indochinese Nepenthes and I don't remember having seen such smilesii before. Thank you for your reply, François.
  12. Hi Mark, I wasn't gone, I was more lurking and had no real time for posting. But being a 10 years old member, I couldn't resist. ;-) @ Elvis: I have sown the seeds on LFS then after a while I repotted the seedlings in a mix of peat, sand and laterite. They are now in a mix made of peat, gravel and sand as I had no laterite available. They don't seem to mind. :-) Hope this helps, François.
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