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    My children, Motorbikes, our pets (1 Dog, 2 Cats, 4 Guinea Pigs, 1 Rabbit), my garden and writing to my penpal in America.

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  1. Here is my little offering.. Utricularia livida
  2. Both of my S. purpurea f. heterophylla are trying to flower at the moment as well..
  3. My sarra's are stuffed full as well, in fact some are so full the flies can climb in and out now!
  4. When I first started out a year ago I asked the person I bought some of my first plants from what I should do if I couldn't find peat compost, as I couldn't find anywhere in my area selling it.. He advised me to buy the cheapest compost from somewhere like Wilkinsons (without any fertilisers added) and make a mix up with sand/pearlite/moss and use that.. So I did, and my plants not only survived but thrived over the course of the year..
  5. I went to a Tesco recruitment evening last year as I was out of work and looking for a job, it was a like conveyer belt.. I sat there for about 3 hours filling out the form, waiting to go through the first stage, went into see someone as I had previous shop management experience to be told I was over qualified and because I couldn't work any hours (it was a 24 hour store) because of my kids that they wouldn't be offering me a job..
  6. I'm an office administrator for a Metro Rod drainage franchise.. I've been doing it for almost a year now after being out of work for 6 month.. My boss had a lung transplant last year and then she is not about (holidays, hospital trips, etc) I run the business for her.. I absolutely love my job and enjoy being able to tell my boyfriend 'where to go' every day as he is one of our engineers
  7. I don't know about the pitcher size, all previous ones have been smaller. I'll keep an eye on them..
  8. I've had my N. sanguinea for 3 months now, it's been repotted and lives in my bathroom where it gets misted a couple of times a day.. I've been watching this pitcher grow for the last couple of weeks and I've been amazed at the size of it! The previous pitcher measured in at about 8cm before it started to open up, this one has finally started to open at a whopping (for me*) 10cm! I assume this means the plant it pretty happy with it's conditions * I know this isn't big compared with some, but it is for me.