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I need a bit of advice regarding rain water storage. Long story short, I am not able to have a water butt installed so at the moment I'm storing the collected water in old soft drink plastic bottles (2l cola bottles etc). Is this going to affect the suitability of the water over time? I want to collect as much water as possible over winter to make sure I don't run out in spring/summer when there might be longer spells of dry weather. I was using the bottle stored water since August and my CP seemed happy with it, not sure if the water will still be ok after several months though. Any thoughts? Thanks

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I bought a 25Ltr plastic tank with a tap to use in Winter in the GH so I always had a water supply ready when it was freezing outside.  I got it from Ebay for about £12 inc p&p.  It was clear plastic so the water got a bit green sometimes, covering it might help with that.

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