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  1. I store mine in a large water cooler w a spigot attached.
  2. May sound strange but the ONLY time I water in the winter is if rain is the forecast. I lightly spray the topsoil never water with a can unless they are really shrivelled. Picked the tip up from Rodales encyclopedia of Indoor plants an older book but really informative.
  3. I love peyote buttons. I have a nice specimen about 8 years now. It has flowered numerous times resulting in a bit of seed stock.
  4. Stunning just absolutely stunning!
  5. Regarding Drosera I have had great success w using a mix of equal parts coir peat & LFS. Make sure not to cover seeds when you sow them. Keep temps & humidity relatively high... I gauge it with my hand. You can use ziplock bags / terrarium/ greenhouse/ I really like humidity domes. I like to use fluorescent or leds to illuminate the seeds. 3 - 4 weeks is average time for mine to sprout. D. Burmanii "tumbling waters" / D. Burmanii humpty Doo/. D tokaiensis & a few others just popped for me.
  6. I use fridge method every year. I trim off all dead traps and or pitchers wrap the rhizomes in moist LFS & place in ziplock bag. Store them in crisper compartment .
  7. I also trim all dead growth i.e. Black traps / brown pitchers wrap the rhizomes in moist LFS bag em up & store them in my fridge (crisper drawer) until spring.
  8. Have been into Carnivores for 13 years now.. still rounding out my collection. I maintain most of my plants in terrariums & a custom made greenhouse (indoors). Working towards a Strictly Lowland setup just need more plants lol. Glad that I discovered this site everyone seems well versed in alll things carnivorous I'm sure I will learn a lot.