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  1. Hi Aldad, it sounds like you have a plan and it's always good to experiment and find what works best in your own conditions. Would you be able to tell what level the water is in the mix? You could rig up some kind of level tube or syphon perhaps, or just poke a finger in but it would be good to know to what level the water comes as VFTs aren't usually grown totally flooded. So, in that case your lid will come in handy when it's chucking it down with rain for days on end. Other growers do grow them outside all year round and I believe they have good results but I don't have much experience of that. You might need to get some advice from them as some plants will survive happily outdoors in our climate for years but they may not necessarily thrive. At least outdoors you can be sure they will get their dormancy. Good luck and post some photos with your final setup.
  2. It states on the website that it has drainage holes which could be a problem as your medium will dry out. Do you have anything you could put gravel trays on then just put an inch or so of (rain/distilled/RO) water in to stand your VFT pots in?
  3. hi Aldad, welcome to the forums. Sounds like you're getting quite a collection there. Post some pictures when you have time. I hope you find your time on here informative and enjoyable.
  4. One way you could reuse your CP mix could be if you were growing epiphytic cacti or succulents I suppose
  5. I always save my old cacti and succulent mix when repotting. In the past, when I have a bag full, I've then sieved it to separate the grit etc which I then reused. The fine stuff was either spread on the garden or donated to the chickens to use as a dust-bath. This year, due to the lockdown, I simply added more loam based compost to the bag of stuff that came out of the old pots, mixed and reused. I wouldn't consider my old CP mix to be much use for any of my succulents as it would be too water retentive. My non-organic Ping mix should be OK unless it had added lime. I don't generally add fertiliser directly to my cacti & succulent mix pre-potting but, instead, fertilise when watering (at the appropriate intervals)
  6. No apology needed, we're all just trying to help the OP with his plant problem
  7. Not wanting to disagree with Greg but I read somewhere that soap based insecticides were not suitable for CPs. I haven't tried them so can't say from personal experience but it might be worth doing a bit of research (getting CPUK forum or FB group opinion at least) first.
  8. I agree with Argo, aphid skins from when they moult. See if you can spot the live adults, you may need a magnifying glass depending on how good your eyesight is (I do!). They also cause deformed traps and leaves. If they are still present, you will probably need to spray with an insecticide. I've used Rose Clear and Provado (or whatever it's called these days) on Drosera and VFTs before without problems. Hopefully other growers will chime in with further suggestions.
  9. Nice to see these wonderful habitat photos, thanks for sharing.
  10. Cheers Ada, yes they're bone dry and in the house at the moment. Still have a bit of time to get things right before the growing seasons starts so I'll be having a go with one of them this weekend.
  11. Thanks for the advice guys. They are plastic so I'll have a look at the fix and seal product rather than silicon. The holes are in channels running along both sides of the bottom so I plan to "stick" (using substance to be decided) the long strips of the pond liner. I'll then cut a larger piece of the pond line to cover the whole bottom of the planter and glue it in place. Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, I won't be able to stand the planters in another tray. The planters will be my only water reservoir for these plants which is why I need to ensure the holes are perfectly sealed. Thanks again for your ideas.
  12. So, my wife bought me a couple of 100cm planters to use in the greenhouse. I'd like to put some Sarrs in them but unfortunately they came with drainage holes. So I'm thinking of sticking strips of pond liner (butile) over the chanels, where the holes are, with some kind of silicon sealant. I've been looking at all the usual shower/bath type sealants but I would like to ask if there is any reason why I shouldn't use a silicon based sealant or if there is some other product which would be more suitable. Thanks for any advise.
  13. Hi Mike, Welcome to the forums, I'm sure you'll find lots of useful information here and of course opportunities to add more plants to your collection. Feel free to share some photos of your collection.
  14. I find they're more of a problem among my Haworthias, this is mostly where I place the sticky paper sheets. For these and the other succulents maybe you could try to limit the amount or organic material in the composts. If all else fails perhaps you need to stock up on more Pings and Droseras
  15. Interesting, thanks for sharing