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  1. Hi Natale, Nice to have an update about your "little" cactus and see that it is still growing well.
  2. Gaz


    Oh, lemon sherbert's not something I'm familiar with so perhaps you're right. Nice plants either way and thanks for sharing.
  3. Gaz


    Nice. It has a strange but not totally unpleasant smell if I remember right. Lost mine a few years ago.
  4. It's been a few years since my A. konjac flowered so it was very pleasing to be rewarded once again this year....
  5. For us CP'ers maybe, but not necessarily so for general garden centre visitors, then wobblepip might get his bargain. Good luck
  6. I wonder how many they'll sell at that price? Might be worth going back in a few weeks to see if you can pick up a bargain.
  7. I like D. adelae for the long leaves and some of the Australian pygmies for the flowers.
  8. Most of mine are growing well in my standard inorganic mix, perlite, pumice, sand, cat litter, volcanic rock and small amount of peat etc. I also have some in the same mix but topped with a 5mm layer of crushed gypsum, also growing well. So far I can't tell much difference.
  9. Hello, welcome to the forum. I'm sure there's no problem with you being in the US, there are plenty of members here who are not from the UK. Regarding your search for Utric seeds, I would think your best bet would be from other growers, a good place to start looking could be the Utric groups on Facebook. Good luck.
  10. Hi Anthony, welcome to the forum, I hope you will find it useful and enjoyable.
  11. Pretty much the same orientation and positioning my greenhouses are in, except right in front of mine is my neighbours 30 foot willow tree casting a shadow till about 11:30! On top of that we're in a valley and by about 4:30pm one greenhouse is then shaded by our house and the other around 6:30pm by the surrounding hills. I grow Pings (and Haworthias) in the one losing the sun earliest and VFTs, Sarrs, Darlingtonias, Droseras, Cacti etc etc in the other. My plants grow OK and I don't think you'll have a problem with this setup. You could always add growlights if you do find you need more light (assuming you put power in your greenhouse ). And don't forget the golden rule of greenhouses which is, the one you buy is never going to be big enough, so do buy the biggest you can afford. Good luck.
  12. Not sure, are they fungus gnat larvae?
  13. Welcome Terry, good luck with your plants and seed germination.
  14. Looking fantastic Martin and your greenhouse must be the tidiest I've ever seen outside of a showroom, are you expecting a visit from the Queen or something? Making me have a severe case of greenhousebarrasment
  15. Very nice. I hope the one I bought from you last year will flower one day, it survived the winter so there is hope. Thanks for sharing.
  16. hi Alexandre, welcome to the forum/ You have a nice setup there on the balcony.
  17. I haven't had a lot of luck with P primuliflora in the past but the ones have now are doing slightly better being kept very wet. Potted in peat/perlite (1:1) like yours with a topping of live sphagnum in which the plants are sat. Pots are in a tray with about an inch of rain water. Also they are not in direct sunlight. Mine are tiny compared to yours and just starting to put out new leaves. Looking at the grow point on yours it may be salvageable. Hope it will survive. PS welcome to the forum!
  18. fantastic, thanks for sharing.
  19. Stapeliads including Huernias can be tricky, too wet they rot, too dry the roots die back after which it can take ages to reroot. I have Huernia zebrina "magniflora" and have found that it grows best in the house rather than greenhouse. It needs a certain amount of shade, I found sunlight in a South facing window was too strong but in a North facing window they will go leggy. South seems ok during late Autumn to Spring. They need a freely draining compost and, although you say your compost is freely draining, I think the peat based mix will be too water retentive. I would use a loam based mix with at least 50% added grit, so something like 50/50 John Innes 2/grit. Your watering regime sounds about right but I never flood the pot like I would with a healthy cactus, also I don't give them any fertiliser. As Magnus says, overwatering is the biggest problem. Final words would be always keep spares because, as you know, sooner or later they're going to rot.
  20. It's a shame to have to discourage a potential beginner but I think you'd definitely have a better chance of success if you could add a grow light. There are some cheaper options these days so you might be able to consider it. I'm sure he'll appreciate whatever you get him.
  21. Fair point Magnus, I was more focused on the light availability than the beginner aspect. Let's forget Utrics then
  22. Mexican Pinguicula will tolerate lower light levels but if he has no sun at all even they might also be better with grow lights. Likewise some Utricularia.
  23. Does sound promising, it will be nice to see developments next year. Sorry I don't know the answer to your question.
  24. Fantastic. Let's hope you did something right! Thanks for sharing.