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  1. Does sound promising, it will be nice to see developments next year. Sorry I don't know the answer to your question.
  2. Fantastic. Let's hope you did something right! Thanks for sharing.
  3. I'd agree with Tropfrog's comments and also perhaps the oxblood is too rich in nitrogen. Maybe next year you could find a low nitrogen fertiliser but for now it should be kept dry, and cool until March or April. Good luck, hope to see it in good health next year.
  4. hi Natale, from what I've read on cactus forum could be mineral deficiency (maybe iron or manganese), possibly caused by incorrect ph of compost. Have you changed the type of fertiliser used this year? Do you use low nitrogen fertiliser? How long since the plant was last repotted? Out of interest how does the grow point look, still healthy?
  5. The affected area looks a bit too localised for spider mites from my experience, is it really just 2 ribs or is that just how the photo was taken? Are the orange spots part of the surface or are they on the surface, i mean is it easily wiped off? I've used diatomaceous earth powder for mites in the past but it does get messy. Have you had a good look with a magnifying glass? Could orange spot be fungal?
  6. Hi Natale, yes let's hope it's "just" a sunburn, unsightly but not fatal. Hope to see it again next year when in flower.
  7. Sorry to see your cactus problem, it was such a nice plant 8 years ago. I can't identify the exact problem but would ask if it had any big changes in how it has been kept recently, such as extreme sunlight, extreme cold, or changes to the watering regime? Has it been turned so that the "dark" side now faces South (towards the sun)?
  8. what a dilemma! his 'n' hers greenhouses perhaps
  9. Welcome to the forum. You've got some nice plants there, they should grow well for you and once you've planted them out you'll have plenty of room for more in the greenhouse
  10. Nothing I need this time, but I wish you well with your new enterprise
  11. I've haven't found the need for supports on VFTs but have used these for Sarrs... Support Ring, they're a bit flimsy and probably wouldn't be much use outdoors but seem OK in the greenhouse.
  12. Gaz


    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your Ceph.....and all the other plants you'll soon be buying
  13. Nice to find CPs in habitat. Well photographed to show the variation. Thanks for sharing.
  14. It's a fairly gut-wrenching when you break the spoons on brand new Heli pitchers, but in my experience they are quite tough and this doesn't stop them growing. Once it's settled down it should be fine. For me the biggest danger has been too many heatwaves. Just try not to poke them too much to see how they're going on
  15. Gaz

    Spots on Sarracenia

    Good to hear you got to the bottom of it. I've seen thrips on VFTs and Pings this season, only in small numbers fortunately but ended up with deformed traps and damaged grow point. Sprayed with Bug Clear Ultra 2 and monitoring with magnifying glass, so far only seen dead ones since. I can't say with any certainty that the BCU2 didn't set the Ping development back a bit as well but now recovering.
  16. Argo you are the "lucky" one to have aphids land on your gigantea ...for me they always hide on young plants of smaller species
  17. Not in my experience. Aphids are crafty little sods and hide in the non-carnivorous parts of Pings such as the grow point and underneath new leaves.
  18. Thanks Argo, your conditions are interesting and very different to mine. I hope the rest of the season grows well for you. Hopefully I will eventually have some divisions with flowers to post.
  19. As Tropfrog says, small space with small plants equals more plants. Pings can also keep me fairly busy during Winter. Unfortunately we live in a windy area where our garden acts as a wind tunnel so outdoor Sarrs don't grow well...although I do still manage to keep a few outdoors. ...and I did say "just"
  20. this is always a difficult question to answer but I think for me Pinguicula just beat Sarracenia
  21. To get such huge plants, do you have to give them extra any nutrient, or are you just relying on them catching their own food?
  22. My giganteas would be in something like peat, coarse (gritty )sand, small perlite, calcerous clay (cat litter), small pumice in approximately equal portions. Now I would simplify and omit pumice.
  23. Gaz

    Spots on Sarracenia

    Looking at the lid in the foreground in the first pic it does seem there is mould present, backing up Rob's theory. Air flow is always an issue for me in the greenhouse, I've kept cacti for years and always lose more during Summer heatwaves than I do in the Winter. Now I'm back to CP's and found it was my VFTs suffering during the recent hot weather. I have 2 fans going 24/7, side vents, door and 3 roof vents all open. On top of all that, at this time of year, I take out some of the windows and hang netting over the space to keep birds out, at night I use 2mm perspex sheets to tempora
  24. Mine are in a greenhouse with shading, so light conditions would be bright with filtered sunlight. Temps have been over 40C in the greenhouse recently but now back to 20C or so. I'm in the UK so I think Argo's conditions will be more similar to yours than mine.