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  1. I have two different sarracenia Leah Wilkerson x Adrian Slack clones (3 and 4 from Mirek) and both are flowering yellow and I'm wondering because Leah and Adrian are flowering red or reddish isn't it? Where does the yellow flower comes from? And can you tell me which colour clone 1 and 2 flowering? Regards Alexander
  2. Hello I'm interested in following:

    U. calycifida "Asenath Waite"                                                       5,-

    U. calycifida "Lavinia Whateley"                                                       5,-

    G. violacea {Serra do Caraca, Minas Gerais, Brazil               5,-

    U. nephrophylla,  x geminiloba                                                               6,-

    Shipping to Belgium

    Thanks Alexander

  3. Only a reminder. There are a few hotel rooms left.+++ Registration for the EEE is now open!! +++This year, the EEE will take place from Fr. 29.06. until Su. 01.07. at the botanical garden in Bonn.We are happy to inform you, that the registration fo the event is now open. You can find some more detailed information here:… Also, we put up some pages with some information regarding the program as well as other interesting stuff on the homepage of the GFP. Program : Excursion :
  4. Yes that is right. On Friday will be no plant sale. This starts on Saturday morning.
  5. Dear friends,I would like to inform you about our annual cp-event in the Botanical Garden Bonn.This meeting is one of our best cp-meetings in Germany and we arrange this meeting every year. It's like a tradition now. Starting with a few people in 2005 it is now our largest cp-meetings.� Last year we celebrated our 12th meeting and we were nearly 150 cp-lovers. The meeting lasted for 2 days with a collective evening event. We are just finished planning and organizing the event for this year. It will be at Saturday the 29.04.2017 and Sunday the 30.04.2017 in Bonn. On Saturday, 29th of Apri
  6. Agree with what cphobby said. Best to name your plant "Sarracenia hybrid".
  7. Hello Do you have a picture of the raja?

  8. I may have a division of Leah Wilkerson for 45,-  and of Adrian Slack for 55,- plus porto. if you are interested please contact me again.

  9. That was my Fred Howell plant in April when I got it.
  10. U.minutissima or U.spec Gunung Tahan which may be is only a bigger U.minutissima.
  11. They don't like it that warm and not necessary to have that much light.Give the plant a shadyier and cooler place. Regards Alexander
  12. What was the coldest temperature you have had there?
  13. It's in the winter rosette now and that is normal for this time of the year. Also a flower is coming out of the middle. So everything looks good. You can water the plant normal.