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  1. Hey everybody, have not visited this forums in quite a loooong time but since this year I finally visited the Chapada Diamantina in Brasil I want to share some photos with you CP lovers... Part 1 - Hike to Cachoeira da Fumaça: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kligo/albums/72157667610460212 Part 2 - Trek through Vale do Pati: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kligo/albums/72157670225439621 Enjoy!!
  2. Wooow Damien, I have not visited the forums in a loong time but I am happy I did right now. What a fantastic work you are doing there, thanks a lot for sharing all the information and pictures. I wish you good luck finding G.pallida and other interesting species. Will be waiting for the updates!! Best regards, Sebastian
  3. Fantastic place, you caught the light shining on the dew very well. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Ups.. now that I come back to this topic, I realize I promised a third part of this series... It's been a loooooong time but anyway, I will write it in the next days, along with a fourth one :) ... wait for the Utrics!!
  5. Fantastic species!! Habitat pictures are great, it's a place Id love to see one day.
  6. Excellent collection of Pings. So far I have only grown P.esseriana this way with good success. Have to try it with other species. In my experience, P.jarmilae is a very easy grower. My plants also produce lots of those stolons that later grow into new rosettes.
  7. Hi, thanks for all your nice comments. Napraforgo: I have not tried smelling the flowers, but will let you know if I can detect any kind of fragrance. Deadly Weapon: I am just using a 1:1 quartz sand:sphagnum mix, rain water, direct sun all day long and temps around 18-20 C night 25-32 C day. The pot is always standing on son centimeters of water. Regards, Sebastian
  8. Finally my U.fulva is blooming. At first I tried growing it at home in the highlands but it just barely survived. After moving it to warmer conditions at my fathers house, it started to grow fast and now it is also producing flowers. A very nice and unusual species, very easy to grow with the right conditions (warm temperatures):
  9. Just can´t see any picture. They all say "Bandwidth exceeded".
  10. I guess my problem is with the temps. Here, it seldom rises above 20°C.
  11. Hi Daniel. Great success and report, you really are a master in growing Brazilian species of Drosera. I still have not managed to discover the best conditions for doing so here. Regards, Sebastian
  12. Good to know dates and where the ICPS conference will be held. I hope to be able to go!! Want to meet a lot of people I have know for years only on-line.
  13. Hi Fer, you are welcome to visit Colombia. I will take you to know those habitats ;)
  14. Hi Carlos, Yes, the pictures were taken a month ago at a natural reserve called "Parque Nacional Natural Puracé", my friend has pictures of the general habitat too. Let me know if you need that I put you in contact with him.
  15. Hello, A friend of mine found a nice colony of Pinguicula calyptrata growing at an elevation of 3200m. Here are the pictures: https://picasaweb.google.com/julecian/Purace#