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  1. Thanks. It looks a little bit different now. I got rid of the grid at the bottom and went for clay pebbles instead, so the pots are just standing on top of them now.
  2. I had my mexican pings growing in peat, perlite and sand 1:1:1 just fine. I also added some vermiculite although I don’t think that was necessary.
  3. Failing to find a black tank, you can always spray them with a dark paint. Just a thought
  4. Little update, so I managed to obtain a used terrarium for quite an attractive price from All Pond Solutions, but it had to be ‘revamped’ as it wasn’t completely suitable for maintaining the right conditions. Plastic vented sides and metal mesh cover. It also came with a stand which is always a bonus I used various projects from this forum and also google to help me with choosing the right equipment and the DIY aspects. Initially I was going to just replace the plastic grille on the sides with perspex panels leaving the bottom half, however after much consideration I decided to remove the whole side panels and just replace them with 5mm thick made to measure clear acrylic panels ordered from a local plastic company, with cut out holes for fans and ventilation. I did the same with the lid and ordered a 8mm thick panel. I wanted an out of the box light set up as I’m not very good, (read: not good at all) with electronics and I also wanted it all to look nice and neat so after much consideration I decided to go with the Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar 51W. There was also an option like this- I was debating between this and a relatively new to the market setup, a Polish firm called Skylight . However, lack of reviews, not the right size, but also predominantly the cost, made me want to pick the Arcadia light instead. I’ll give it few months and see how well the plants do under this light. I initially stuck mirror tint like foil to the back of the terrarium hoping to hide all the wires, however when I turned the light on, I realised it didn’t exactly go to plan, maybe because it was stuck on inside out. Not really sure... I decided to change it to a reflective diamond sheet from my local hydroponic store. The temperature inside it I expect it to be consistent with my spare bedroom where its located all year long so 18-23C, especially in winter. Quite honestly, I haven’t got round to buying a hydro/thermometer yet, so at the moment I don’t actually now the exact conditions within the terrarium . Current light time- 13 hours Internal fans are running at all times and the external ones turn on for 15 minutes in the morning and evening. There is a fogger inside to provide a cool visual effect in the morning and the evening. And this is the finished product: In the near future I’m planning on having a cork branch in the back with some epythytic plants mounted on it. H. Pulchella was the very first resident and has been in it for about a month now. Seems to be enjoying it Day I got her: and today: Overall costs: -Terrarium £60 -Perspex panels cut to size with pre cut holes £98 -AC Infinity fans for ventilation, about £40 -Aquarium silicone, millions of razor blades, duct tape, glue etc about £40 -Arcadia LED Jungle Dawn 51W £78 -Egg Crate/Coral grid about £13 -Fogger £16 Any suggestions are more than welcome
  5. What plants have you got growing on that wood in the back? They look stunning!!
  6. Hi, I’ve noticed that since the new update (yesterday?), I’m having trouble reading the sub forums properly, as you can see on the screen shots, and also accessing my account info.
  7. Beautiful! I’m currently in the process of setting up my lowland terrarium and I ordered H. Pulchella to go in it and see how it copes.
  8. I decided to go with the Aqualumi Controller to allow me to use a mix of Juwel 35W T5’s and standard 39W. I am struggling to figure out a way of attaching the fixings to the top that will have to be hand made...?
  9. Hi there! After some time of being out of the hobby I decided to make a come back and start up a terrarium. I managed to get my hands on something like this quite cheaply (the 100cm one), I realise that humidity and temp control will be quite difficult given quite big vents on both sides and so I’m planning on covering them up leaving a small gap for a small desktop fan. My question is what can I do about the light? I have a previous experience using T5 tubes on my old terrarium with droseras and pings with some good results. Ideally I’d like to stick to 4x tube set up. However I am struggling to find a decent 4x39w or 45w fixture? Found something like this, however I am not really a DIY sort of person so I would struggle making it look decent and work properly I havent decided yet what I’d want to grow exactly. Still debating between the petiolaris complex family or heliamphoras. I want to hang the light unit inside the terrarium so I can use the heat to warm it up without having to use additional heating method. Any ideas?
  10. Do I cut it just it with the wooden bit in the middle or with the green bit?
  11. Hello everyone, I have a problem and I need to ask for an advice what to do with my Ventrata which is too big. Currently it's growing in the conservatory where it has access to plenty of sunlight but I'm moving shortly and I won't have as much room for it as I do now. It's just too high, the bottom of the plant is starting to lose leafs and there's no pitchers so it's just becoming a bare stalk. The top of the plant is starting to show some new pitchers. Plant:
  12. Im looking for bricks because they will be easier to put up in the garden and I think they are much better. My friend is offering me to give me some brcks but they are the ''big holes'' ones so I don't think that bees will be able to settle in them properly. Mobile- yes, I have looked on gumtree but no one has these types of bricks...
  13. Does anyone knows where can I get used engineering bricks from? I'm looking for the ones like this with loads of small holes. I've looked on ebay and gumtree but no one seems to have some. I've only found one's with 3 big holes which are no use to me. I need them to create a place where bees and other beneficial insects will be able to settle in and create a nesting. If anyone can spare about 5-10 of them then please let me know and I will collect them (Manchester area). Thanks!
  14. Good to know! I wouldn't call it Carnivorous Plant necessarily but probably pseudo-carnivorus as it can caputure small insects but does not digests them.