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  1. Possiby Aloe marlothii
  2. http://forum.bcss.org.uk/viewtopic.php?t=118504 some lists here
  3. Some of the nicest vulgaris I have seen, and quite a range of colours as well in Scotland today.
  4. Yes Ada, the suggestion is thta ot goes away with maturity, but so far it has been present in a steady way over at least 3 years. Strange as it does not seem to occur in the species, only in hybrids. chris
  5. These two antho free hybrids once again showing these very faint red veins. This is supposed to be due to 'leaky genes', or perhaps another mechanism allowing a tiny bit of pigment to appear. anyone else seeing this?
  6. Does anyone have any information/history about this plant please. It seems to be a nice dwarf form with a pale red neck. thanks chris
  7. I use ikea white pots with holes drilled in, they seem to be ok, and are cheap. chris
  8. Hi Alexis, there are (is) one photo on cpphotofinder that looks right perhaps http://cpphotofinder.com/sarracenia-x-willisii-3314.html though I do no know the history of the photo. I am intereted to see if there are others around - and now what of all the mislabelled plants? why do they continue to be mislabelled I am working to make it with purp montana just for the fun of it. best regards chris
  9. This hybrid grex comprised of (purp x psit) x ((purp x flava) x purp) seems to be rare or absent in collections. There is an imposter that has a lot of leuco in it (from long distant discussions with Slack this posssibly came from Australia to Slack and I think it was x willisii x leuco but lost the x leuco part of the label). The imposter is a fine plant, but continues to be mislabelled by even the most careful collectors, including hybrids made from it. Is anyone growing the true x willisii? If so can we please see some photos.... Thanks chris
  10. May be silver y moth catterpillar. chris
  11. Individual leaves pulled off root and form new palnts of zamioculcas chris
  12. I now only have the black bamboo, and they are seedlings from a now passed plant that flowered. All the others i have had have eventually had to be removed due to bullying... chris
  13. Yes, the early growth is very suceptible to sudden death, they nned csrefully watching. the bromeliad is Broccinia reducta. chris
  14. They re in a south facing velux window, lots of sun. I think the biggest (a boy) is about 20 years old, the others about 15. I lost a number due to greenhouse electricy (main supply) failures so they live inside. i grew avout 40 from seed but none i think except these survive. Nice plants, grown in gritty compost, watered regularly. regards chris
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