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  1. Trev, are you using your router as the secondary dns address ? Flushing a device would obviously not affect the dns cache of the router.
  2. Searching 'melcourt' on the forum, it seems Mike started with the composted stuff, then changed to (both) growbark pine and hortibark pine....with a composted stuff topping and finally settles on growbark pine.
  3. Please do. The deal was that if they stocked it, I would do what I could to make sure they manage to sell it all !!
  4. They do have a pallet of the stuff in stock now. They also, last year, bought a collection of CPs (mainly Sarracenia & Darlingtonia, from photos I've seen), so if you ever visit for the Growbark ask for a look at them....maybe something you like in there - not sure if they are selling or not. I talked them into stocking the growbark, but haven't had the time to visit/buy yet.....and I only live in Ashton !!!
  5. Had Red Spider Mite on VFT's for a few years and they did serious damage !!, repeated weekly sprays with Neem oil kept them at bay, but didn't ever get rid completely. Only way I found to totally wipe them out was to unpot the plant(s), wash off all the soil (and cut back large leaves) and place the whole plant under water for 10-14 days. Then repot into fresh soil and a clean pot. Mites gone.
  6. Having searched high and low for the highly recommended Melcourt bark, (that I don't have to buy in bulk or pay a fortune for in delivery) I found a Melcourt stockist - who doesn't currently stock Growbark - but is willing to order some in IF there's interest in it. So if you're in the South East Manchester area and after a bag or two, then please drop them a message (Facebook link on website) saying so... Hyde, Cheshire (M60, M67) Col
  7. Had all 3 in Wakefield Asda today, along with a few of the usual tissue cultured sarracenia.
  8. Tried this approach a few years back, keeping everything drier was so much better for growth - as well as no losses to botrytis, rot or anything else. But it comes with a warning..... For the last 3 years, the drier conditions made it a haven for SPIDER MITE !!!!! So much so that this year, I've cut every VFT back to a bulb, cleaned all the soil off, soaked in water for a few days (hopefully drown any that are still hanging around) and repot into new compost. Tried this approach a few years back, keeping everything drier was so much better for growth - as well as no losses to botrytis
  9. Went to Wareham Forest last week to see the S. purpurea. Went last year and noticed other Sarracenia had been planted - flava, leucophylla and some hybrids. Got a video of them on some device somewhere. Anyway, this year most have gone or were doing really badly in those conditions.
  10. Just been into the greenhouse earlier and got my first whiff of the growing season. Every year I forget what they (S. flava flowers) smell like, and so every year it comes as a pleasant (!!) surprise - like a blast from the past, and cheers me up because I know the growing season is on it's way !
  11. I've always had no luck getting this bloody 'easy to grow' garden centre plant to grow decent pitchers. All other Neps I have - no problems at all. Just this one, can't get anything but small juvenile pitchers on it...i've taken cuttings and put into different media, different degrees of light/shade, different heating, different watering - still nothing.
  12. They had been sent back as 'undeliverable'*. So had them re-delivered to my work address.
  13. Anybody else still waiting for them to be delivered.....or is it just me ?
  14. Is this the bog on the opposite side of the road from the Venus Fly Traps ? If so, I last went there 2 years ago and a car had just had one serious oil leak........and it was flowing straight into bog. Thought it might be bad news for the D. anglica living there, as they were first in the firing line. Going back next month myself, will have to take a look myself.
  15. Had a problem over the last few years with Red Spider Mite on my VFTs. Although I can control then with regular (weekly) neem oil drenchings, I always expect them to come back next year. I assume they lay dormant in the soil until the time comes to pop up again. So with that in mind, I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried to control small soil pests by planting Utricularia in the pots and allowing to spread around the plants ? col