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  2. Are there any tickets left? The Cart facility on the EEE site does not seem to be working.
  3. I agree! Gary is totally in the wrong. He also has had the time to buy lots of Pleiones and other things on eBay!
  4. I disagree. I do believe that the CPS website is dreadful and has been for quite some time. A total revamp could well attract new CPS members. However I don’t believe that the poor website is the whole problem. Attracting new members is one thing but will these new members continue to support a Society that has, in my experience, little or no regard for its Membership? I can’t understand people supporting the present CPS Chairman when I know that his apparent disregard for the membership has lost the Society members. Any Society must be open to the views of its members and above all the Committee must be accessible to the membership. I realise that the Committee have lives outside the CPS and it may take time for them to reply to emails but it is simply not acceptable to ignore them. If you can’t find time to read and reply to member’s concerns and suggestions you should not be doing the job!
  5. Hi Keith, Thanks for the suggestion. I have thought about Gatwick but I am not sure if I can get a train back home late on Sunday night. I will have look at connection times etc.
  6. Hi Dennis, I had considered Easyjet from Bristol but as you say it is a bit far, especially when almost the entire trip is M6 & M5. I know from experience that it is not the best route for a Friday afternoon! My other option is Ryanair from Liverpool to Treviso BUT I would have to be en route to the airport 04:30 hrs AND stay an extra night in Mira just to catch the only (early) flight back. So it is back to the drawing board! You seem to be well organised. Have you booked accommodation yet?
  7. Hi Rita, Do you know if it is possible to catch a bus to Mira from Treviso Airport? Unfortunately my nearest airports do not connect with Marco Polo.
  8. Stephen - Have you seen this website http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/165585/ It seems that Eden Blacks are available in Australia.
  9. A wipe with a tissue dampened with Isopropyl alcohol will remove Write-4-All ink. It won't touch pencil though.
  10. Jonathan, I got the clone from Dennis Balsdon in 2005. Here is a quick snap of one of my flowers.
  11. Francesco, I also grow that hybrid and the flowers are exactly the same colour as Jonathan's.
  12. Hi Mike, I'll be there on Saturday and for Sunday's field trip too.