Is there a thing as too high a humidity?

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Hi everybody,

I'm fairly new to growing Neps. I currently have:

N. alatla


N. sanguinea

N. spectabilis

in a terrarium. The temperature fluctuates from 20C during the day to around 13C at night and humidity is up around 99%. All has been fine over the winter and they have been producing pitchers. However recently my N. alata leaves are growing small and crinkled and no longer producing pitchers. (It has been producing lovely 4/5 inch pitcher - the last pitcher was an inch. )

My N. sanguinea lids are shrivelling quickly although they have only been opened a month. My N. spectablis is now starting to produce smaller pitchers too!

The artificial light is on for 12hours

Could anyone help?

Should I install a small fan?


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With high humidity like that there is a chance the media is staying too wet so it may be wise to check one of the plants roots that are not looking too good. If you have a very chunky media this is probably not necessary though.

Installing a fan is always a good idea. Whenever I use terrariums with a glass top, I leave a 1-3cm gap along one side to allow for air exchange. Humidity usually ranges from 70-90% depending on misting and watering.

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I would try to keep a max humidity of 95%. Fungus just grows too easily if the humidity stays too high for too long.

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Whilst high humidity can cause issues such as fungal growth, I suspect that there is something else at play here in regards to the crinkled leaves. Are you able to post a picture?

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Im late, again, but i think its a temp issue. Try provide warmers temps day and night. I grow all my hl neps in 95%RH, 25C/18C. Last year i tryed growing my nep sanguinea in the same temperature as you said, and the pitchers where very small.

I had to move the plant in a warmer place.

Of course, i talk from my experience, im not a nepenthes jedi :-D

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