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  1. A few Sarracenia's that are catching my eye at the moment.
  2. Thanks Damien. I think I'm going to turn all my pygmies into 'biotopes' now. One success this year is my D. Slackii sending up a flower spike. This is the first I've managed and I have had it for 5 years! So apparently the trick is to leave it in the greenhouse over winter.
  3. As promised. My Utricularia aureomaculata. The first bloom blasted as a result of moving from work. I'd say it is about 1cm across.
  4. Made a couple of selections
  5. Thanks Ada. I just thought it would be interesting. The plants were under lights for the first year and have just had their first dormancy. I also need to make some room for the next batch coming through. The pitchers they are producing are about 15/20 cm tall, so not bad.
  6. Is there any way of making a poll on the forum? Selfishly asking as later on in the year I'm going to select some 2 yr old Sarracenia seedlings. I thought a forum poll might be interesting /helpful. Many thanks
  7. Many thanks Alexis. So annoying about the pitcher. It is a nice strong growth too! The plant is sending up some more pitchers. But I don't think they will be as big. Nevermind. I hadn't noticed the slightly different shape of leuco buds before. I'll look at my species now they are coming up.
  8. Hi everyone. I just wanted to ask you for your opinions on the following photos. The first one I assume is a mite or parasite of some description that has caused the deformation. Should I cut the pitcher off? And secondly the second a third photos of S. Leucophylla X Goldie and its pointy flower buds. Has anyone seen this before? All my other sarracenia flower buds are rounded. I'd appreciate your thoughts. Many thanks,
  9. My attempt at a botanic biotope. Using Allen Lowrie's Magnus opus I have tried to make a few of my pygmy drosera pots look like the habitat the plants come from. With a lack of laterite I used pink/ orange granite chips and cones to represent small Banksii seed pods. D. gibsonii D. nitidula D. stelliflora
  10. Last ones for a while. Some pygmy sundews flowering. I few question marks about whether my labels are right. Need to closely check with my Allen Lowrie. Any thoughts welcome.
  11. Thanks Andrzej, Very interesting. It is quite a range like mine. -5 s much lower than I imagined they could take. I'm still learning and made a mistake this year by not waiting until they emerged before placing them in trays of water. So I have lost a few species.
  12. Freshly potted up D. capensis 6 years old.
  13. Thanks. Here is my lovely D. modesta. Still waiting for my U. aureomaculata to open. So close now.
  14. I only got the plants as root cuttings last summer. They are not mature enough to flower at the moment, I would have thought. They grow naturally along side Cephalotus, so I treat then the same but in shallower pots. I over wintered them at work this year under 2 T5s. But this year I'll keep them in the greenhouse and bring them in to the house if we get below 0 temps over night. Here is a link you might find useful.
  15. Due to social distancing and the closure of schools. I had lunch while working from home, looking over a few plants. Hope you enjoy them. I also noticed my Utricularia aureomaculata is about to bloom, so I'll post a picture of that when it does
  16. Platty


    Thanks. A division from West Cornwall carnivores, so I can't take any credit.
  17. Platty


    It was just a small division last year. Hoping for some bigger pitchers this year.
  18. Excellent. Even up there in Lancashire. Hopefully it means that we we have a nice long season. Coincententally I think I have just bought a S. Leucophylla from you, from a well known auction site. Just missed out on the alata (ignore if it is not you )
  19. Platty


    Thanks Alexis, I have a S. 'Goldie' X leucophylla that is pubescent. Rather nice too!
  20. It comes as no surprise with the mild winter we have had in south east England. But I already have spikes pushing up! Is anyone else's season starting already?