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  1. I have two mature flowering plants, male and female and they definitely seem to prefer highland conditions particularly with a cap to upper temps of around 25C it enjoys higher humidity combined with good air movement. Pitchers do become taller as they mature (younger rosettes produce squatter pitchers) Uppers are rare but if the vine is happy it will produce one or two each year. the potting mix must be free draining and open and the plant needs space to bury its tendrils for best pitcher production.
  2. I agree with Mark, some can be kept if really careful with watering, but the bical in particular will just stop and decline unless conditions are hot and humid.
  3. Hi Kiwano this plant is most likely a hybrid involving truncata. N.truncata does not have speckled pitchers.
  4. Linda is male so it wont take so much out of the cutting as a female flower spike would, but if I were you I would cut it off to allow the cutting to establish properly.
  5. Fred I think "falling on the garden totally unnoticed" was a song by Benny Hill !!?
  6. tried mine in highland conditions where it grew ok but is much happier warmer, mine is a good size and pitchers well. and I have found bright light better for pitchers.
  7. Mark gives sound advice, nothing will give you 90% humidity 24/7 and you won't actually need it that high. sonic humidifiers are not very efficient. If your budget is tight, just use damping down techniques while you save for a Hydrofogger They are simply the best thing you will ever buy for this job!, I have used them for about 10 years. If you incorporate multiwall polycarb into your build from the start, this will repay the cost within a year or so from fuel savings and will actually help increase humidity levels if sealed properly.
  8. Fred you might be better off with treated timber as self applied treatments just don't penetrate so well. See if there is an agricultural supplies company near to you, they sell various timber sections for agricultural fencing, and farmers are that tight that they have to be cheap.
  9. Dicon

    Disa plant pots

    Nice to see Disa species...................beautiful !
  10. I cant see any Mealybug either, possibly some aphid? As stated above use tried and tested chemicals only. The 18in burn risk only applies to aerosol propelled sprays............to my knowledge only one version of provado is sold this way (this version also controls red spider mite)
  11. yeah mine flowered and then promptly rotted off...............nice plant
  12. Hi B Welcome to the forum. It looks like the growing tip has died, but this damage occurred 3 leaves ago, it may have been lack of water that caused this or possibly fungal issues. I would just trim the dead leaves to make it look better. The side shoot will most likely take over, but you may find another dormant bud near the old tip will sprout too. Consistent growing conditions are key with Nep growing, so just keep doing what you are doing and it will settle in.
  13. not for me, read the above, tried the suggestions, still get the empty post message! and no quotes. edit (as this one worked) .......after several attempts and my repeated efforts getting nowhere, my posts just get shorter and shorter until I just cant be bothered. Content seems to be dwindling on CPUK, could this be the reason?