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European Canivorous Plants Exhibition and Exchange (EEE) 2012,

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Hi all,

as released some months ago the German carnivorous plant society (GfP) has the honor to present the European Carnivorous Plants Exhibition and Exchange in 2012.

After working out some details for the EEE 2012 we think it's time to give some more detailed information.

The event will take place from the 20th to 22nd of July at the botanical garden of Bonn. If you want to have a look via google earth etc. the postal adress of the botanical garden is Meckenheimer Allee 171, 53115 Bonn, Germany.

The event is focused on sale and exchange of carnivorous plants, but there will be at least 6 lectures concerning our favorite plants. In addition we plan to show some very interesting videos dealing with the topic of carnivorous plants and their habitats. Let’s see what will also happen ;) We don’t want to disclose all secrets at the moment…

It'll be also possible to register for 2 evening events (Dinner) soon, but we haven't worked out all the details yet. As soon as we have precise information we'll give it to you.

For the registration process and all the details of the EEE we're designing a little Webpage. I hope we can finish this by the end of January...

If you have got any problems concerning EEE, don't hesitate to contact [email protected] and we'll work something out!

I'll keep you updated!

Kind Regards


PS: If you already want book a room, here is a list of hotels in Bonn.

Ameron Hotel Königshof

Adenauerallee 9

53111 Bonn

T: +49 228 2601-0

F: +49 228 2601-529

E: [email protected]




Clemens-August-Str. 32-36

53115 Bonn

Telefon : +49 228 7250-0

Telefax : +49 228 7250-72

E-Mail : [email protected]

Internet : http://www.presidenthotel.de


Hotel Krug

Hotel und Appartmenthaus

Sternenburgstraße 15

53115 Bonn

Tel.: +49 228 225868

Fax: +49 228 241544

Mail: [email protected]



Hotel My Poppelsdorf

Wallfahrtsweg 4

53115 Bonn

T: +49 228 26910

F: +49 228 261070

E: [email protected]



H O T E L Am Roonplatz

Argelander Str. 91

53115 Bonn

Telefon: +49 228 - 911 930

Telefax: +49 228 - 911 93 30



Hotel Continental

-Ihr Business Hotel-

Am Hauptbahnhof 4

53111 Bonn

Tel.: +49 228 391899-0

Fax: +49 228 391899-99

email: [email protected]



Günnewig Hotel Residence

Kaiserplatz 11

53113 Bonn

Tel.: +49 228 26 97-0

Fax: +49 228 26 97-7 77

E-Mail: [email protected]



Hotel Kurfürstenhof Bonn

Baumschulallee 20

53115 Bonn

Tel. +49 228 98 505-0

Fax +49 228 63 20 45

e-mail: [email protected]



Hotel Villa Esplanade

Colmantstraße 47

53115 Bonn

Tel.: +49 228 98380-0

Fax: +49 228 98380-11


e-Mail: [email protected]



Appartel-Hotel Patricia

Herr Benz

Lotharstraße 9

53115 Bonn

Tel.: +49 228 260950

FAX: +49 228 2609510



Hotel Eden

Am Hofgarten 6

53113 Bonn

Telefon: +49 228 289710

Telefax : +49 228 225070

e-mail: [email protected]



Hotel Mercedes

Maarflach 17a

53113 Bonn

Tel.: +49 228 91800490

Fax: +49 228 264412



Pension Colmant

Colmantstraße 8

53115 Bonn

Tel.: +49 228 654183

Email: [email protected]



BEST WESTERN Hotel Domicil

Thomas-Mann-Straße 24-26

53111 Bonn

Tel: +49 228 729090

Fax: +49 228 691207

E-Mail: [email protected]



InterCityHotel Bonn

Quantiusstr. 22

53111 Bonn



Hotel Europa

Thomas-Mann-Str. 7 - 9

53111 Bonn

Telefon +49 228 60880

Telefax +49 228 6088199

[email protected]



Collegium Leoninum (barrier-free)

Nova Vita Residenz Bonn GmbH

Noeggerathstrasse 34

53111 Bonn

Tel.: +49 228 62980

[email protected]




Berliner Freiheit 11

53111 Bonn

Tel.: +49 228 9082390

Fax: +49 228 90823990

e-mail: [email protected]



Hotel Astoria Bonn

Hausdorffstraße 105-113

53129 Bonn

fon: +49 228 9696490

fax: +49 228 969649999

[email protected]



Hotel Mozart

Vornberger & Heinemann GbR

Mozartstraße 1

D - 53115 Bonn

Tel: +49 228 4100140

Fax +49 228 659075

[email protected]



Hilton Bonn Hotel

Berliner Freiheit2


Telefon +49 228 72690


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A friend and me tried to book the Am Roonplatz a few months ago. I don't know if their website was down but we couldn't seem to connect with the hotel. I tried again the other day and everything seemed fine. We have booked two rooms at the President through Expedia. They didn't have many rooms left free at the time but that may have been their quota on Expedia.

I may take an overnight coach to Cologne (Koln) which sounds fun. It's not far from Bonn. My friend is probably going to fly, which most normal people tend to do.

Looking forward to it all. I would have liked to have gone to Boston in August for the ICPS conference but I just can't afford it. The courier industry is a bit slack at the moment and I am getting married in April.

See you all later in the year.


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Looking forward to meeting everyone there as well Christian. I think that the President is a good hotel but I am not sure on the availability of the rooms for that weekend. We couldn't book breakfast at the time but I think that you can when you stay there, I know that it has a restaurant.

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  • 2 weeks later...


The Italians are already to re-invade the Bonn Territory! ;)

We are looking for the official Home Page of the Meeting...none for the moment? ;)

David Ahrens : I also slept AM RoonPlatz on 2006 ;)

We will be more than 10 Italians for the moment. Other will follow soon :)


Salvatore "Mr_Aga"


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Hi Salvatore,

it's very nice to hear you'll join the EEE. We are looking forward to meet you.

We are constructing the official homepage at the moment and hope to have it online till the middle of February. So please be patient (a little) ;)

Kind Regards


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  • 5 months later...

Hi guys,

what a wonderful EEE weekend! I think all of the visitors were happy with the event and so am I. I had a lot of fun and talked to many carnivorous plant enthusiasts, which is for me the most interesting part ;)

I also want to inform you that the Sales- and informationstand of the GfP has raised 430$, which was donated to Meadowview Biological Research Station to help protecting Sarracenia in Maryland and Virginia. We hope to give a little part to help Phil and all the others to achieve their goals. Everybody who bought just one plant on this stand (most of the time you should have met me there :) ) gave some money for this great success. I want to say thank you for this.

Kind Regards


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Yes indeed, very nice exhibition.

However, I have one question though: was the BG cp greenhouse open for everybody for some specified period of time ? I was at the EEE only for a few hours on Saturday and it was closed. Then, it was open, but only for certain participants of the EEE, not for everybody.

I regreted I wasn't able to admire jaw-dropping plants situated there up close.


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Hi Radek,

there were guided tours through the cp greenhouse always when 6-10 people wanted to see the plants. Best idea would have been to ask me or someone else on the information stand to tell you when it takes place next time.

Sorry that you didn't see the plants the close you wanted! Next time ;)

Cheers Marcus

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OK, that explains everything :)

Well, I didn't have much time and after a quick walk through the exhibition, I focused on shopping :)

The tour was guided? God, now I regret even more ;)

Next time, I will know how to solve those things even being in a hurry.

Any idea where the next EEE will be held?

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Hi Marcus and Radek,

The EEE 2013 MIGHT be at Nany, France, but I have to contact Dionee + the botanical garden of Nancy first to hear if the still want the EEE 2013. Secondly, there may be other European societies that want the EEE. You will hear from me within a few weeks about the EEE 2013.

Take care,


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