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  1. Hi Aymeric, congratulations! These elongata look amazing. I've never tried to cultivate this species cause I thought it would be impossible to imitate it's habbitat conditions. If the plants look that wonderfull next year, I might try some ;) I keep fingers crossed for good growth. Hopefully this species will really get widespread in cultivation soon. Cheers Marcus
  2. Hi, if the leaves are white at the point where they're attached to the plant yu can put them on slightly wet vermiculite in a clear plasticbox and shut it, so humidity stays high. But if these leavetips look a bit brown just throw them away. Nothing will grow anymore Cheers Marcus
  3. Hi Gary, it P. ehlersiae {Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo, Mexico} I think. The lobes and the curved spur is pretty unique. Cheers Marcus
  4. Hi, if you don't tell us more or show some pictures nobody can help you. Please answer these question: Do you know what species it is? If not is it mexican or temperate? Can you show us pictures? What are the growing conditions? The answer you can expect is only as good as the facts you tell! :-) Cheers Marcus
  5. Hi, sorry man but I think this is not P. emarginata. At least it looks quite strange to me. Cheers Marcus
  6. Hi guys, one last picture to show. Please don't wait to long cause poor Sebastian gets really stressed when he has to send to much calendars the week before christmas :) Cheers Marcus
  7. Hi guys, here is mine, this time not the last day, I'm getting better ;) Cheers Marcus
  8. Hi folks, I'll show you some more pictures of our calendar for 2014 in the next few weeks. Let's start with march. Who wants to see it in full beauty has to buy one, sorry for that ;) BTW: Christmas is coming and if you don't like red socks or maybe a new kitchen-thing (What the hell is it supposed to be used?!?), maybe this calendar is a good alternative. I promise you'll be happy with it the whole year! Cheers Marcus PS: How to order? Just look at the first post :)
  9. Thank you guys ;) I'll do my best to take a picture on Sunday when I'm at home again. Hi Aymeric, yes this is also my opinion. I had to do some research about the location when I got it, cause I had not heard about it yet ;) Cheers Marcus
  10. Hi guys, just a few pics taken yesterday P. jaumavensis My most beautifull P. reticulata-clone: The pot is just a little to small P. gracilis: the same for P. cv. Crystal. P. emarginata from Zacapoaxtla P. colimensis just green, but the petiolated glands are great. The darkest red plant I have at the moment P. potosiensis "all red plants". P. debbertiana, Another P. jaumavensis-clone Hopefully with nice flowers soon P. ehlersiae {Ixmiquilpan, Mex.} And some flowers: P. hirtiflora {Interlaken} P. zecheri Last but not least P. pumila Hope you like them ;) Cheers Marcus
  11. That's a pitty The same seed germinated for me very well... But it's the same like many other times. For example your P. crenatiloba seed which never germinated for me and some others. Its a mystery for me why seed sometimes germinate well and sometimes the same seed refuse to germinate at all! Maybe when I've got a little more time I have to take a closer look at that! Cheers Marcus
  12. Hi Aymeric, very nice that it grows well for you ;) Is it from seed of mine? The flower looks quite different to my plants. Cheers Marcus
  13. It is definitely not P. 'Weser' or what we call fake Weser. I can't tell what it is for sure. The best way is to label it "P. Hybrid". Everything else is just guessing in my opinion. Keep it like the other mexican species and enjoy it's flowers Cheers Marcus
  14. Hi Aymeric, very very nice pictures! Thanks for sharing with us. Cheers Marcus
  15. Hi guys, thanks for the nice comments! It's great to get good feedback ;) I've fixed the language problem Andreas ;) Yes P. variegata also needs an extended frost period. Not that long as P. villosa but some months more then we normally freeze here in germany. So if I want to make you jealous I only need to post some flowering P. immaculata or a P. medusina rosette... Hmm that shouldn't be such a big problem. I just have to wait some more weeks. Hi Aymeric, can you tell why it is P. caussensis? I thought P. caussensis is much more lila in the flower corolla... I'll have to look into my Casper I think. Hi Daniel, my plants grew super fast after the long winter. In the last 2 weeks they woke up and now they flower... It was really amazing how fast they grew. The plants are grown indoor at the moment on an south-west-facing windowsill. It's because I want to take care of pollinating them and take some pictures. After 2 more weeks I think they grow outdoors again in my fathers garden some Kilometers away. Cheers Marcus
  16. Hi guys, I've pushed my self out of bed this morning 1 hour early then normally to get some shots of my Pinguicula and also to try to pollinate them. It was way to early this morning, just about 06:00 o clock (for students, yes there is also a 06:00 o clock in the morning ), thats why pictures are not totally brilliant, but I think you can see what I want to show you. If you like them I might add some more species, as far as my plants go on flowering for me this way ;) So let's start with a species very rare in culture, P. variegata. What a beauty, but also not easy to cultivate. Because pictures are also rare I made some more The next one is P. macroceras {Surgi River, Hayade Tal, Japan} And this is P. dertosensis {Mt. Caro, Tortosa, Spain} P. poldinii, which just opens it's flower What is that one? Ahh P. longifolia ssp. reichenbachiana Or this lovely plant, which I think I got wrong labeled. It seems to be a hybrid from Valle de pineta, but who knows. In fact a wonderfull plant with nearly 3cm wide flowers And last but not least P. balcanica typ light pink flower, which wasn't ready this morning ;) I hope you like them and maybe you are a little jealous Cheers Marcus
  17. Hi Rodrigo, on the one hand I think P. crystallina ssp. crystallina was never widespread in culture and the persons who cultivated it lost it. On the other hand this species is endemic to cyprus and very strictly protected by law, so nobody has the permission to bring some plants/seeds into culture anymore... Cheers Marcus
  18. Hi Rodrigo, I think you have purchased seeds of P. crystallina ssp. hirtiflora. I don't know one grower who cultivates P. crystallina ssp. crystallina. It was in culture once, but I think thats not the case anymore... As far as I know both subspecies have nearly the same growing conditions, so try to get them to bloom and we'll see what it is ;) Cheers Marcus
  19. Fantastic job! Thanks to all who have participated in bringing this to paper Mauro! Cheers Marcus
  20. Hi, yes indeed I chated (can I write it this way?) with him on monday. What's the problem ? Cheers Marcus
  21. Hi Maurizio, very nice! I haven't seen a seedgrown plant flowering up to now I think. Congratulations. I think the climate in Italy is way better for this species then the rainy and cloudy one in germany :) Thanks for sharing! Marcus
  22. Hi Andy, thank you for the very nice competition. I'm very pleased to win a second time. It is a great compliment and I'll do my best to show a nice picture again this year Kind Regards
  23. Hi guys, we're in the middle of november and the number of calendars is decreasing very fast. At the moment there are still enough copies left, but how long? So if you'd like to get your copiy of this beautifull thing, please order know, before you start the new year sad and crying As mobile says it's a wonderfull gift for christmas. Even more because people often search for small presents that relatives or friends can make a gift of. Oh yes why did we get only one feedback up to know? Doesn't the calendar strike your taste? We are always thankfull for comments and critique, positive and negative. Cheers Marcus
  24. Hi Ruben, a very nice P. moctezumae! Your camera wasn't able to get the colour of the flower right. This is a problem that my camera also isn't able to solve... I think you can't catch the real beauty of mexican Pinguicula in a foto. You have to see them in reality ;) Cheers Marcus PS: Your foto in the foto competition got lost, you should lik it again.