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  1. Hi All. After a long time without participating in the forum I edited my Growlist and then tried to edit my profile info unsuccessfully. Also I can not delete my own messages (changed the text, are in my Growlist). Could someone check what is going on with my user? Thanks in advance for your attention. Carlos.
  2. Hi guillaume, are beautiful plants, congratulations! Could you tell me what is the plan of photos number 21 and 22 of the first post? Regards. Carlos.
  3. Hi Keith, These seddlings are enjoying the end of summer here, soon I will only be able to see beautiful plants here in this forum. Winter will be here soon. More seedlings:
  4. Hi All. I'm cleaning my sarracenia seedlings, they're one year old. Many complex hybrids involving S. leucophylla. Seeds from Marek W.
  5. Nice species, which media you used for D. chrysolepis? Regards. Carlos.
  6. Hi Fernando, you made a great work. Were how many hours in total? Regards.
  7. Hi "sciabokho" Beautiful images, I hope to find some plant on the roadside. I've never seen pings habitat, after they'd like to see heliamphoras too (2015, perhaps). A few days ago I saw other genres (utricularia, drosera, genlisea) here in Brazil. Thanks again. Carlos.
  8. Look for them is fun, but I will soon, locations (with GPS) would help a lot. :)
  9. Hi All. I'll be on vacation in setember and will visit Innsbruck (Austria), then I'll go to Cortina de Ampezzo and Bolzano (Italy). Do you recommend somewhere for easy access to photograph pinguicula? Regards. Carlos.
  10. Thanks Aymeric, Adam, Christian, Daniel and Gaz! Daniel, this Pinguicula planifolia grown from your seeds ... ... not seen the mother plant in 2012, nor in 2014 Maybe another day. ;)
  11. A lot of pictures. Enjoy!
  12. Nice unusual pingicula species. Thanks for sharing Aymeric.
  13. Looks like a beautiful place. Recovery of natural areas in your country is worthy of praise
  14. A lot of pictures. Enjoy!