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  1. Dear all, On the dutch forum there was a question form 1 of our members. Last week he found birddroppings inside one of the traps and the trap was closed. the following days a few members replied that the trap wil rot, because Dionaea didn't like birddroppings. But on the other hand there are a few Nepenthes plants taht like droppings, like N. lowii. Will Dionaea digest birddroppings? Is there anyone who had happened this at his/her flytraps? Take care, Wouter
  2. Hi Marcus and Radek, The EEE 2013 MIGHT be at Nany, France, but I have to contact Dionee + the botanical garden of Nancy first to hear if the still want the EEE 2013. Secondly, there may be other European societies that want the EEE. You will hear from me within a few weeks about the EEE 2013. Take care, Wouter
  3. Hi Marcus, very nice work, I'll registrate this week. VFTLance; The EEE 2013 goes problely to Nancy, France, but we have to discus this with many others. Take care, Wouter
  4. You can find these Sar hybrids all over Europe. Take care, Wouter
  5. Hi Madball, This Nepenthes is indeed N. Louisa. This plant is coming from a dutch Bromelia + Nepenthes grower Toon Kuipers. He also grows the N. Miranda and N. Rebecca Soper. Last October I met this grower at a large flower and plantshow in Amsterdam where many commerciel growers showed their products. website; www.toonkuipers.nl Take care, Wouter
  6. Hi Martin, thank you for the info so far. I never see Aldrovanda in the wild. Patience I have, no problem. Everyone can see you're working on it very well. Take care, Wouter
  7. Hi Christian, OK, thanks for the anwers, so I can give as much as possible these info to our members wich I hope they will go to Bonn. So far, it's looking very good with the evening dinners! Me and my wife are sleeping at the President hotel, so after dinner + taliking and drinking we only have to go to our room and go to sleep. I hope there will some Orchids growing at the Wahner Heide. Take care, Wouter
  8. Hi Marcus, Thanks for posting some details of the EEE Bonn 2012. I'll copy some of these details to our own members. Very good to plan some diners at restaurants? How many people can registrate for the dinners? About the Fieldtrip to Wahner Heide. Which species are growing there? Good prsentation programme, especially the Pinguicula presentation of Oliver Gluch. I'm looking forward to going to the EEE! Take care, Wouter
  9. Hi Alex, yes that's right. just forget that. Take care, Wouter
  10. Hi Nelio, Nice Sarracenia's you have. The first one is indeed a Sarracenia x 'Juthatip Soper But the second plant is not a Sarracenia x swaniana. The plant itself is from Hampshire Carnivorous Plants, a very good an well known britisch commercial grower of CP. Here is a link to the page wich you can see your plant; It's a Sarracenia swaniana x mitcheliana. If you look close to your plant you can see white dots on the back of the pitcher and that's typical for mitcheliana, not for swaniana. http://www.hantsflytrap.com/sh029-sx-swaniana-x-sx-mitchelliana-307-p.asp Take care, Wouter
  11. Very nice minor-plants. Even in the flowers there is some red coloration. Is it the amount of light these plants and flowers have some red in them? Take care, Wouter
  12. Do springtails do harm any CP's? As far as I know not. Take care, Wouter
  13. Hi Marcus, thanks for the info so far. many international members are looking forward to the EEE 2012 at Bonn. If there are any further details, please let us know and I will publish them on the dutch forum so all the dutch members will know. Take care, Wouter Noordeloos
  14. Hi Cedric, Wow, what a large greenhouse you are building. Cant't wait to see some pics the next weeks of your greenhouse and the plant growing in it. I wonder if this greenhouse is large enough for you for the coming years. Every CP-grower is running out of space someday.. What about light? Are those trees a problem in summer? I rent a greenhouse for my own collection. In holland there are many large commercial growers who stopped, so their greenhouse is empty. At this moment I rent only 54 squere meters. In the next weeks I want more space. Take care, Wouter
  15. the first 2 are clear; number 1 is catesbaei x purpurea. this plant is mass-production all over europe. number 2 is a normal purpurea venosa. Number 3 is x mitcheliana. Number 4 I don't know as mobile said, just label the plant as hybrid. Take care, Wouter
  16. Dear all, Last June I bought a nice adult plant from Drosera ramentacea. I rent a greenhouse for my collection Sarracenia's en some Drosera's. It's an unheated greenhouse, good for Sarracenia's and if the winters are not that cold Utricularia bisquamata and D. capensis are growing there too the whole year like weeds. But the last 3 winters were quite heavy, to cold for D. ramentacea. What are you doing with this Drosera during the cold periods? Is Drosera ramentacea a easy plant getting trough wintermonths like nidiformis, capensis, binata, etc? In some parts of Holland it's getiing below 0 this weekend. Should I bring the D. ramentacea inside? Take care, Wouter Noordeloos
  17. Hi Carsten, Very good. I already e-mailed the news on the dutch forum and my own board. succes the coming motnhs with the setup of your EEE. If there is anything I can do, just tell me. Take care, Wouter
  18. Dear all, when was this plant going into TC? I also have this white leucophylla, bought from Carniflora 5 or 6 years ago. When I mention Carniflora then you know everything is coming from TC. That's why Gert Hoogenstrijd is selling this plant too, because he has all his plants suited at Carniflora. I showed 1 plant to Mike King during the EEE 2007 at Leiden, Holland and he said it was not a pure leucophylla. Nice plant. I'll keep it in my colelction anyway. Take care, Wouter
  19. Hi, I see this name according to this website; Dawna BohemicaPlantae (David Švarc) Is this nof former Bohemica Plants? Take care, Wouter
  20. Hi VFTLance, I couldn't answer that question. We'll have to wait till the board of the German society give us some details about the EEE 2012 what they'll do ASAP I hope. Take care, Wouter
  21. Hi Tim, What a struggle. It seems no one will admit their mistakes. Succes the next weeks. Thanks for let us know. Take care, Wouter
  22. Dear all, Yes, last week me and a few others made the discission; the EEE 2012 goes to the German CP society the GFP. There were totally 3 options; Italy (Merano), France (Nancy) or Germany (Bonn). Merano is really a fantastic are and botanical garden. But at 2012 they couldn't finish the buildings where the EEE should take place. Nancy in France want the EEE for 2013, but not for 2012, because their roster for 2012 is already full. For the future we'll discus the EEE 2013. So, congrats to the Germans. hopefully within some weeks we'll see the first details. About the futere EEE; Within a few weeks I'm making some 'rules' how to get an EEE. The past 5 years there were some strugles for the future EEE. I'll contact all european CP-societies personally to cooperate making those rules. What I try to do is something like the ICPS, so if a CP-sociey want to host an EEE, they should send the EEE-commission a good bid and explain why the want to host an EEE. Keep you posted about this! Take care, Wouter
  23. If I had known I could get GBP 25,- for each I'll bring them all the the EEE Chester. I hope there will some left at Carniflora, butI'm afraid Gert took them all. Take care, Wouter
  24. Yes, that's true. I orginised an Open Day at Carniflora, a commercial CP-nursery. As Jesse already mention there were several of these plants. There were found on a table full of just normal S. purpurea venosa in 8 cm pots. As soon as 1 of our members found these plants more members tried to catch one of these. I had also 1. But we didn't paid GBP 25,- for each plant but only €2,-!!!! GBP 25,- for me is far to expensive, even the plant is large and growing in a 12 cm pot. I'm also curious what will happen the next years. Take care, Wouter
  25. Hi to all, I finally got back home too on tuesday evening. First I want to say thank you to the CPUK for orginising the EEE 2011. I think it was a good EEE with the exhibition, Plantsale and the slide-shows. For the EEE 2012 it's not decided yet, but i'll try within 2 weeks time to give an answer and will post it on this forum. Take care, Wouter
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