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  1. I have just received a refund from the Ebay resolution centre for money paid to a gentleman from Portugal for Osmocote exact. It seems I'm not the only one that has had trouble with this seller. Frustrating as he is still listing on Ebay. I would sooner of had the fertilizer than the refund. Does anybody know where I can purchase a small quantity as most places seem to sell 25 kilos only. Thank you, Ian
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    Thank you for the advise but I'm trying to source Osmocote 15-9-11+ 2MgO + TE 12/14. Apart from 25 kg bags (£184.00) I can't find any apart from Portugal and I'm not going there again.
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    Hi from sunny Paisley...

    Hello, I will welcome you to the forum if nobody else does, If you have been bitten by the CP bug you will need more than a windowsill, good growing.
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    Hi Everyone

    Hello Justin, welcome to the forum.
  5. Not having a greenhouse I am "green" with envy ! Looks great.
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    Hi there! I'm New Here!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Hi All

    Hello Erik, welcome to the forum.
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    Fake vft or not

    Hello I had some Chinese vft seeds, turned out to be "Morning glory" very invasive, banned in USA. If you are interested I have a small amount of Sarra seeds open pollinated you can experiment with. PM me with your address and I can post.
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    No thanks !
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    About Me

    Hello Martin welcome to the forum.
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    Hello Hayley Welcome to the forum.
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    Hello Hayley Welcome to the forum.
  13. Stick with your family and friends, I hope the "other people" have flies infesting their kitchen. Buy some more CPs!
  14. Nearly as good as mine he lied.
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    Hi There

    Hello Debs Welcome, you are certainly in the right place to to pick up hints and tips, most of them helpful.
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    Hello from Norfolk

    Hello Christopher, welcome to the forum.
  17. Thank you Marcel. We don't all have Facebook. Hope some of the info filters down to CPUK.
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    Greetings friends!

    Hello Tea, welcome to the forum and all it offers.
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    Hello from Spain!

    Hello Fernando, welcome to the forum.
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    Hi all!

    Hello Chris Welcome to the forum and good luck with your bog garden.
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    Hello Nelson Welcome to the forum.
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    Chelsea 2018

    Well done to you all.
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    Hello everybody !

    Hello Tristan Welcome to the forum.