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  1. I was very tempted . I've already cut a huge pine tree down that was taller than the house. Plus I'm hoping to make cider and apple pies this year from that apples . Mmmmmmm apple pies and cider
  2. While we are on lock down I'm landscaping the garden. I need to reposition the green house. Do I move it to an area where it 1. Get morning sun then in dappled shade from a large apple tree then gets the sun late afternoon-about 6pm. OR 2. Gets morning sun then dappled shade the in the sun midday then just catching a very little sun as the sun goes down. As its next to a large shed. What would be the best option??????
  3. I've been offered 2 large blue water barrels with lids that had contained soap in them . Would they be safe to use for cp? If I gave them a good power washing.
  4. Do you have any pictures of you water trays/ benches?
  5. In Preston Lancashire . I've not tested the water. Where do you get the test kits from and witch kit should I get?
  6. The only thing wrong with greenhouses is the Mrs can see what your up to .
  7. Its Looking good. I'm hoping to get another greenhouse or a larger on. But I'm a long way from that atm.
  8. I'm getting back into the hobby and I'm about to receive my first few plants in a few day. BUT my 3 year old son has opened the tap on the waterbutt that I've collected water for the plants and has emptied completely .No rain is in the forecast . Where can I buy distilled water ? Is it just bottled water? Also could I collect water from my shed ? Or is it best to stay clear as the roof is covered with shed felt, wood it harm the plants?
  9. Hi . After about 8 year from keeping a only a handful cp in my greenhouse and a couple of house moves and I'm where I want to be in live . I'm ready to start again . So the greenhouse is up and I'm wanting to concentrate on growing sarracenias. I just love seeing all your greenhouses packed full with them. Where or how do you obtain these plants . If anyone is parting with some or thinking there collection down a little or even plants to a good free home to get me started. Please PM me . I'm really looking forward to get back into obtaining knowledge from all of you.