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  1. Used my "bug vacuum" to capture her some fruit flies/ gnats for dinner. I made sure the two open pitchers got a couple each. My last nepenthes, I didnt even fill up the pitchers it had arrived with until they were already browning. I wanted it to acclimate to my room.... oh well.... By the way if you get a bug vacuum; this brand has lasted me more than 3 years now. Recommend! I dont know about some of the other brands out there though.( https://www.lakeshorelearning.com/products/science/life-science/catch-release-bug-vacuum/p/LM417/ ) Just stick the little cell in the freezer to slow down the bugs metabolism so that they cannot fly away if you want them alive and squirming. A little more time if you want them dead before adding them to a pitcher! Convenient.
  2. It was hard to get a good pic with the bottle in the shot! Every time I go on vacation I end up with a bunch of hand made glass beads for my art box. So some of them get glued to my ghetto training stakes. I like the skulls. Hopefully they keep the bottle cloche from falling over.
  3. So my new baby arrived in the mail today. The soda bottle suggestion seems convenient for now. I'll get my humidity domes delivered in a couple of days so no worries! I went ahead and added some water to the 2 little open pitchers. Also 2 little budding pitchers forming. Would love it if I can keep this one from aborting all pitcher growth. Sigh.... I must have really done a number on my last nepenthes clone I had shipped. I didnt have a clue at the time..... oh well. ;)
  4. Oh I totally have epilepsy. So since I have siezures alot , I would never feel comfortable having a glass humidity dome , or a terrarium garden , sadly. But I was intrigued to find out about these plastic ones that I can have around !
  5. So I saw these online. Too cool. So I weakened and ordered myself a set of them just for fun! My xmas present to myself. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Tierra-Garden-Haxnicks-King-Size-Victorian-Bell-Cloches-2-Pack/28214685 I just REALLY dont like the idea of using a big glass garden cloche. I remember seeing other members posts about using these before.... Any pics of your cloche setups? Any kind! Glass or plastic ones. Updated the post title after learning some more terms used to describe these! Bell jars , cloche jars , humidity domes ..... mabey more!
  6. Oh thank you so much! Would a mini greenhouse work? Am I trying to quarantine the new clone, or adjust it to new humidity levels? Both??? I'm used to worrying about stuff like a quarantine encloser for tortoises... I keep thinking that I need a sealed container for the thing. No? Just put a bag over the top?
  7. So I went and ordered myself another bareroot nepenthes sabuyanensis clone online. I was hoping for some better advice on acclimating it before/during/after repotting.... ( ???) I read about leaving plants that traveled through the mail inside plastic bags for a few days to adjust humidity levels. Then, leaving the top open for a while .... I wouldn't mind acclimating this plant a little nicer than my last one. Any links, or advice for a noob?
  8. So I ordered myself some Nepenthes Argentii seeds among some others. But I'm having a hard time finding info on this variety. It sounds very interesting from the little info I've been able to track down! After reading a bit more, i went ahead and ordered another packet. I would love to have one for my collection. Does anyone have any past experience with N. Agentii ?
  9. So I thought that I read somewhere that red varieties of dionaea gradually lose the red color and turn green as time goes by? Is that true...? Are some mutations more or less likely to lose pigmentation than others?
  10. This post deserves a bump, since I need to ask the same exact question!!! So I read that you should plant a Nepenthis in a big container to facilitate maximum root growth. And to prepare for future adult growing sizes.... So what is the optimal sized hanging container for Nepenthes × Ventrata? Perhaps my hanging pot that I have my new 5" Nep in is too small... I'll have to find out I guess.
  11. So I have never ordered a Dionaea muscipula through the mail, let alone from the east coast of the usa ( I'm on the west coast, in oregon) So I'm a little concerned about acclimating them to my grow room. Any advice for a noob would be helpfull.
  12. So it's looking like I bought fake venus flytrap seeds from a seller on ebay. Whoops.... I guess they were just selling seeds that they bought wholesale from China! So I went ahead and ordered myself a few small established plants to start with instead of playing around with seeds. I also ordered myself a grow light too. Yeah when I was a dumb little kid, I killed so many CPs ... it was just so easy to by them at my local grocery store for $5 -$10. I promise myself to be a caring horticulturist at this point in my life!
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