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  1. I've seen some pics of folk using (wire I think) support for their plants. I can't find the pics now though The supports were hoops - and I think made from wire. Does anyone use supports for their plants, what are they made from and do you have any pics? Thanks.
  2. I have an abundance of rainwater that I collect at my allotment from polytunnels so it doesn't touch, say roofing felt on sheds. The water gets stored in in clean plastic containers. All have lids to stop light getting in - for example, unused dustbins and blue barrels that have been pressure washed. The water is clear and has no green algae blooms. So........... how fresh does the rainwater need to be? is there a maximum period after which I shouldn't use the stored rainwater? Or am I just worrying for nothing? Thanks.
  3. I visited the nursery while on holiday in Devon. It was a great experience. A friendly welcome, wasn’t rushed, free to browse the plants and advice freely give,. And of course the plants are top class. Really pleased with my purchases and a great morning out during my holidays. Highly recommended.
  4. ALP


    Newbie here. Semi retired since January and rediscovering my earlier love for carnivorous plants. Looking to buy a few more venus flytraps cause they were my love years ago. Once I find my wings I'm planning on moving to other plants. Don't tell my Mrs though :) Looking forward to pestering you for advice and tips and looking through you photos. Cheers.