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  1. That's great. I'll take a look. Thanks a lot
  2. Hi all I'm obviously doing something wrong. No idea what but i'm pretty new to all this. My pitchers all look like in the picture. It's been like that for a while so i assume it's aborted. I have another two that look like they end up the same. Is there anyway to tell if it's heat, humidity or sunlight that's the problem? Unless it takes months to get from this stage into an actual fully formed pitcher
  3. I got the bug for CPs when my daughter (5) pestered me for a 'pokey' (VFT) in B&Q – I brought a discounted one because i felt sorry for it. We saved it and it's been doing very well. I think that was about 12 months ago. I just have babies at the moment. But my collections keeps getting bigger. 21 cultivars of VFTs (and i keep saving standard ones from B&Q) 12 Sundew types 6 types of Sarracenia Cobra lily 2 types of nepenthes (i think i'm failing with these) 4 pings I just can't stop buying them.