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  1. Hello and welcome.
  2. I don't have a greenhouse so everything here has to survive the elements. I rarely lose any too the weather.
  3. Hello there Welcome to the forum. Your selection looks very good. Regards Ian
  4. Hello Nick, welcome to the forum.
  5. Hello Jorge, welcome to the forum.
  6. ian


    Hello C Greer, welcome, don't fight it, you are on your way getting hooked !
  7. ian

    New to Forum

    There is a section for cacti & succulents in non carnivorous plants.
  8. ian

    New to Forum

    Hello Diane, Welcome to CPUK forum.
  9. Hello Chimaera All the rain is down here in Devon, storm Hannah is due tonight/tomorrow. If you would like to pay postage I can send you some.
  10. ian


    Well done Richard !
  11. Hello Alex, you might try SB plant invigorator + bug killer. (ebay)
  12. Thank you for the advise but I'm trying to source Osmocote 15-9-11+ 2MgO + TE 12/14. Apart from 25 kg bags (£184.00) I can't find any apart from Portugal and I'm not going there again.
  13. I have just received a refund from the Ebay resolution centre for money paid to a gentleman from Portugal for Osmocote exact. It seems I'm not the only one that has had trouble with this seller. Frustrating as he is still listing on Ebay. I would sooner of had the fertilizer than the refund. Does anybody know where I can purchase a small quantity as most places seem to sell 25 kilos only. Thank you, Ian
  14. Hello, I will welcome you to the forum if nobody else does, If you have been bitten by the CP bug you will need more than a windowsill, good growing.
  15. ian

    Hi Everyone

    Hello Justin, welcome to the forum.