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  1. Hello Alessandro welcome to the forum.
  2. Hello Tortoise_Girl, Welcome to the forum.
  3. Hello John, welcome to the forum.
  4. Hello Cap, Welcome to the forum. Buying Savage garden was a good start.
  5. Hello David and welcome to the forum.
  6. Hello Eston and welcome to the forum. Fancy blaming your daughter for your own weakness.
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    Hello Dawn, Welcome to the forum.
  8. Hello Jonny_P. Welcome to the forum. I started with 1 sarra now have hundreds. Every time I buy another one the 2 questions are how much did it cost and where are you going to put it. Go deaf and carry on.
  9. Hello Rachelsr Welcome to the forum.
  10. Hello Keefy Welcome back. If you fancy some drosera seed to propagate I can post you a few. Ian.
  11. Welcome to the forum Frederico !
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  14. Strong wind and heavy rain can be a problem having said that a few pitcher tips have suffered burn this week. Aphids can be a pain with minor damage from slugs/snail. Red spider mite is annoying too. On the plus side it is very satisfying to look out the window and see them all in their spender.