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  1. Hello, I have noticed that my sarracenia pitchers are bending as they grow, it seems like aphid damage, however I don't see any. I've sprayed some insecticide. Another thing is that new pitchers have begun to loose a lot of colour and starting to dry at the tops. I've had it for just over a year now and it's only just started happening. I think it also really needs repotting. Would that be a good idea whilst it is in this state? Is there anything that I can do to help the plant? Thank you
  2. Sorry for the late reply. I think the problem is these scale insects. It's now mostly just sooty mould like problems. Unfortunately about half the plant has died off, however the other half is much better, I just regularly remove the pests and hopefully it will recover. I will try the neem oil as this other fungicide has had only limited success.
  3. Thank you, I've used the fungicide, so I'll see how it goes
  4. Thank you, I do have a space that I can make available for my plants that will need a dormancy period, so I will get that done soon.
  5. They are kept indoors on a sunny windowsill, with the window open as often as possible. I tried looking for Sulphur powder on Amazon,. unfortunately most were unavailable.
  6. Hi, I've read that Sulphur based fungicides are best for carnivorous plants, but there aren't any available near me. I found a spray bottle online, it contains Trifloxystrobin and Tebuconazole as the active ingredients. Are these safe to use on Carnivorous plants? The mould on my plants is growing on my Darlingtonia californica, and on the soil of my Pinguicula grandiflora. My other plants look happy, but I will keep an eye on them to be safe. Thank you
  7. Thank you, it's Pinguicula grandifolia.
  8. Thank you, I didn't realise that it happens this early. Would it be best to keep it sheltered outside once it is ready, as it can be quite warm inside?
  9. Hi, Recently my Butterwort hasn't been looking great, some of its leaves are yellowing and patches of white mould are growing. It's on a South facing windowsill, so gets a good amount of sunlight, and is in a saucer with Deionised water in, that I let soak up before adding more. Would it be a good idea to cut off the bad leaves? I'd really appreciate any help.
  10. Thanks for the reply. The pants seem to be doing well, so hopefully there are no mealy bugs, I will keep checking though just to be safe.
  11. Hi, I ordered these plants a while ago and received them last week. They were doing really well, but I have a couple of concerns. I have them on a South facing windowsill and occasionally open the window. I keep them in a tray of deionised water and top it up regularly. I took them outside today to get a bit more sunlight, but I noticed what looked like a mealy bug trapped on my Drosera capensis, I removed it and saw another one after checking. I also noticed that it has significantly less dew than a few days ago, so does my Drosera aliciae. I also have two small Sarracenias, on one, I cut off a few small dead pitchers a few days after it arrived, but I've now noticed a powdery black (mould?) on the inside and outside of its pitchers. It's new growths are also wonky. I'm not sure if it was a mealy bug, so I took a photo after I removed it. I've also attached some pictures of the plants, sorry it's quite blurry. Is there anything I need to do? Any help would be really appreciated, many thanks.
  12. Hello, my name is Chris. I am new to keeping carnivorous plants. I've had these for only a week, and I'm not sure if they have a problem, I've read many care guides on the internet. I'll make a separate topic for this and any help would be really appreciated.