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  1. Hello do you have pinguiculas available?

  2. anjoeskrpio

    U. alpina

    hermosa.... indeed
  3. anjoeskrpio

    Drosea Regia

    how you keep this plant so good? any advice? thanks i have one indoor in a terrarium i live near de coast in malaga spain
  4. Hola Yo cultivo D. falconeri hace mucho tiempo ya en un terrario... junto con D. petiolaris espero poder conversar contigo.
  5. anjoeskrpio

    D. nitidula

    do you have some seeds from pygmie droseras? I have lost many of my list... and I'm looking for replacement some like Roseana, dichrosepala, oreopodion, palacea a many others. let me know please. even if you have gemmaes. kind regards
  6. anjoeskrpio

    U Humboltii

    very nice have you ever had seeds?
  7. Amazing the flowering... do you have some for swap? just typicals
  8. seems a little a neocaledonica right? do you have seeds?
  9. anjoeskrpio

    Ping fungus

    what kind of pinguicula is?
  10. I see. Do you have somre portions to sell? or even seeds? is beautiful utricularia.